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Happy late Birthday slr2moons!!

This weekend was nice. On Saturday, Nur and I went with my parents to the Samurai Exhibit at the SF Asian Art Museum. It was super crowded, but the exhibit was pretty sweet. Afterwards, we went to dinner at this super nice place. Mmmmm, good food. I had this dessert that consisted of an assortment of tiny desserts. Like... tiny tiny cookies and cakes and stuff. Definitely the cutest thing I've ever eaten.

Tomorrow Nur and I are going to see the Honey and Clover movie at New People, if anyone is free/interested in joining us. We're going to the 5pm showing.

So I've been checking out various Kamen Rider series to see which is most interesting to me. I hope to watch all of them someday, but it's just a matter of what order I watch them in. I've checked out Ryuki, Faiz, and Kabuto, and I'm leaning toward sticking with Ryuki for now. (I wanted to check out Agito as well, but the place I'm downloading them from didn't have it! I'll check around for it later) Now I'm going to download a couple episodes of Gekiranger to check out tomorrow. (Yes, I know it's not Kamen Rider, but I should expand my sentai love!)

I picked up a bunch of stuff for future sweatshirts... Unfortunately for me(?), I decided to order a couple sweatshirts online to get ones closer to the colors I want to use. That means Tyranitar, which I really wanted to do soon, is on hold for now. I also have to wait on Aggron (which I wanted to do next), because they didn't have the right grey fleece I wanted to use at JoAnns. Oh well. I have everything I need for Giratina, so it'll be next. But first I need to finish Lucario!

Anyway. When we were at Target, I saw an adorable plush and tried to get Nur to buy it. Usually, I'm pretty good with this. Yesterday, I was either off my game or Nur has built up a good resistance to my ability. I couldn't get him to buy it. But I felt so bad for the little guy and he was so cute, I ended up buying him myself. So please meet...

Dusty! Dusty is a shy little guy, but really sweet. He joins my meager (but awesome) Pokémon plush team of Orion the Lucario and Ridle the Darkrai. (I have a bunch more at my parents' place, though). DON'T WORRY, TEAM. SOON I WILL INCREASE YOUR NUMBERS AND WE WILL TAKE THE WORLD BY STORM. CUTE STORM.

.....I've fallen into this big, deep hole called "Pokémon" and I don't know if I'll ever climb out. I've always loved it, but this is getting dangerous. I DON'T NEED MORE THINGS TO SPEND MY MONEY ON! T^T
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