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And work progresses!

Hope it was awesome! ♥

I'm allllmost done with the Lucario hoodie, I pretty much just have the chest part to finish. I finished the hood today, and there are a few mistakes, but overall I think it turned out pretty well. I've hit a snag with Kyogre, because my machine has decided to drop every tenth or so stitch when I try to do a zigzag stitch and I need to use the zigzag for pretty much the rest of it. Dang.

But, while I try to figure out the problem, I can start work on other hoodies. ...and my cosplay stuff, of course. The next one I will start will be Aggron. I rather like Aggron. I'd like to do a Tyranitar later, because it's another one of my favorites. I'd like to do a Jolteon or a Nidorino, because they are my original favorites (Jolteon will always be my #1!), but I can't come up with interesting/fun designs for them... and because I don't know if I'd wear a bright yellow/purple-pink hoodie. Well, time will tell what I do and don't get to do! Work is picking up and I really should focus on my fall cosplay stuff.

I finished Kamen Rider Kiva this afternoon. I was going to make a post about all the things (little things, really) that bugged me about it, but the ending was SO adorable, all is forgiven. I haven't watched the specials or the movie yet, I'll do that this weekend. However!! I will complain about two things! FIRST! Wataru stopped wearing light scarves all the time at some point. As a scarf lover, I find this disappointing. SECOND! This series was described as "Vampire romance while still kicking ASS." There were no actual vampires in the series. A few light vampire themes, BUT NO VAMPIRES. I don't particularly love vampires, but I was sad to see there weren't any vampires in it. Oh well.

OH WAIT I THOUGHT UP A THIRD THING. For a Rider series, they didn't ride much. =(
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