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I want to be a Kamen Rider

So, I've fallen back into the depths of sentai shows again. I know, I know, I never actually finished watching Den-O (trust me, I am quite ashamed), but I've started a new one. I asked for opinions on a Kamen Rider thread on /cgl/ and got a long list suggested, but I decided to go with Kamen Rider Kiva. It was described as "Vampire romance while still kicking ASS." The description was too amusing to pass it up! I'm about halfway into it and enjoying it greatly. It's so cheesy but so much fun! I haven't forgotten about Den-O, I'm rewatching what I have so I can properly watch the rest!

These are the antlers for my Zakuro costume for Y-con. They're pretty much shaped, so hopefully tomorrow I'll have the opportunity to plaster them up.

Annnnnd this is my quickly-made Umbreon set. Everything that could go wrong with this DID go wrong (except my machine jamming). It was a horrible, horrible experience... but it's super comfy to wear and the tail wags from side to side as I walk. So much fun! Oh, and I wanted to the ears to flop to the side and not to the back or stick up. I thought it would be more comfy. Everything else that looks wrong probably is, but I wanted the ears like that! =D

Sorry for the bad pictures too... and the messy room!
Tags: cosplay, den-o, kamen rider, pokémon
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