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First off,
A VERY BIG AND LATE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOTH yuan_18 and sapphire_pyro!!

We had a lovely little thunderstorm the other day. It started very early in the morning, and I couldn't get to sleep afterwards, but I figure seeing the lightning was worth losing the sleep. =D

I got more materials for Pokémon sweatshirts and finished a quick Umbreon set yesterday. Kyogre is coming along slowly but surely, and I just got some new fabric for Lucario's chest, so I still have a lot to with that. Fleece is on sale until the end of the month, so I think next week I'll stock up on stuff for future outfits. I'm thinking of making a Tyranitar, Aggron, and a Groudon. I'll definitely make the Groudon, because I want it to be a set with Kyogre. These are WAY too much fun to design and make! It's a fun challenge to figure out how to make them. Of course, I should be concentrating on my Halloween costumes, so I'll be trying to get most of that done this week. I'll have the fabric cut out for it at the least!!

Otherwise, work is still very chill and wonderful. I only have work on one series right now (the others I don't have scripts/files for yet), and it's not due until the beginning of next month, so I'm working at a good but relaxing pace. I really feel like I'm regaining my energy. I love it! =D
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