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Japan 2008: Osaka Part B (08/22/08)

This was perhaps the day I was looking forward to the most. We hopped over to the local train station and saw... well, what you see in the picture. People in sort of strange but ultimately awesome outfits. I had no idea what they were dressed for and I was too embarrassed to ask, so we just sorta watched them out of the corner of our eyes as we waited for the train.

As we were waiting on the platform, we noticed this crazy building. It has a roller coaster! Sorta like near Tokyo Dome. To tell you the truth, we had seen it the night before as we walked back, but it looked like it was completely closed.

Another interesting thing we had seen on the way back was Spa World. We walked through part of it and saw all these groups of people (students, we think) there. We thought that perhaps the strangely-dressed people were from Spa World.

Dude. What is this ad? I cannot decide it I love it or if it scares me.

I think I love this one though. The guy's expression makes me smile every time, but I'm not sure why.

20th CENTURY BOYS ♥ This was at Osaka Station as we were waiting for another train. It was raining then too, which was sort of awesome, because I love rain.

Nur waits for the train. What you can't see is those green marks on the ground inform you that that area is for ladies-only cars (during certain times of the day). Oh Nur. =)

We got on our train and rode it all the way to... TAKARAZUKA!!!!

We saw this in Takarazuka. There were statues of all sorts of popular Takarazuka shows. This one is from Rose of Versailles. I feel really dumb for not putting together that Takarazuka is where they have Takarazuka shows (all women performances). Before we left the town I picked up some flyers. Holy crap are those ladies hot.


Oh! It's our destination! But... what is it?


Even the street announces that this is Tezuka Land!

The great Phoenix greets us near the entrance.

There is a wonderful stained glass ceiling inside. Tons of Tezuka's beloved characters are there.

This is maybe a third of a timeline that shows when Tezuka published each of his series. The man produced an incredible amount of work.

Original pages of Song of Apollo(?) and Ode to Kirihito (♥)

Black Jack original, Unico original, and a statue of the god himself!

Each floor's elevator doors had different characters on it. This one was of course my favorite because of Black Jack.

The wall near the bathrooms had a Jungle Emperor Leo mural on it. I want that on my wall. *_*

2008 would have been Tezuka's 80th birthday if he was still alive, so there was a cake for him! Mmmmm, I want Black Jack on my cake. =9

A painting on a wall near the coloring area.

Pictures on display in the coloring area! They had little printouts and color crayons, so we had a lot of fun. I colored the Leo picture on the far left on the second row.

Nur colored the same picture but decided to put them in SPACE. Pretty sweet. You can see the picture of his bee farmer there too. We went to a little animation class where he animated his bee man and I animated Kale. I still have the frames, I'm just too lazy to dig them out and scan them.

I had to show my affection for my favorite doctor.

Black Jack's hand and footprints. My feet are bigger, but my hands are a little smaller. And I look like a crazed fangirl. Which of course I am. My face was splitting apart from smiling so much at the museum.

They had the hand and footprints of a lot of Tezuka characters.

Leaving the museum, we spotted this building. It was really different than everything else we saw in the town. It looks almost... I dunno... Mediterranean.

After running through a torrential downpour, we grabbed lunch and headed back to Osaka station. We decided to go to Osaka Castle, because we still had part of a day to spend. When we got off the train, we spotted more people in cool outfts! I not-so-sneakily took this shot.

We followed the crowd to a park near the castle and found... more awesomely-dressed people!

It seemed like it was for some sort of dance competition! How neat!

We got to watch a few groups practice.

All sorts of different outfits!

Everyone on this team had drums and were so into it! They looked like they were having a blast.

We left the awesome dance teams and headed towards the castle again.

On the way, we saw kitties! There were really friendly.

How many kitties can you count? This was right next to a sign that said something along the lines of "do not abandon your dogs or cats."

Ahh, the entrance to the castle grounds!

And the bridge over the moat!

This area was quite strange... once it was a tea garden, but when it was taken over by another clan, they used it as barracks or something. I think the tea garden family's head members were decapitated here or something too. Crazy stuff.

This castle is really high up. It's up a ramp, over a moat, up a bunch or steps, and then you're at the base of the castle. As you can see, the castle is raised up even higher. I'd say each of those stones are probably four feet tall (if I recall correctly).

The castle was going to close at 5:30, and it was 5, so we decided to hang out on the grounds instead of rushing through. We found a group of those stand-up things you put your face in.

We had WAY too much fun.


Nur's true form!!! See? He had every right to be in the ladies' line at the train station!


Most lady-like lady ever, am I right?

Pretty pink Takoyaki Defender!

Papa Takoyaki leads the family with an iron octopus-y fist!

OKAY THAT'S ALL OF THAT. That's not ever half the pictures we have with these either. >_>;;

This was once a police station, but is now a museum. Or maybe vice-versa. I don't really remember and I don't know where my trip diary is. No matter what it is, it looks pretty neat.

Looking down the moat.

Looking down the moat the other way. That domed building is a concert hall, I think. They were having some even there that night.

On the way back to the station, we found more kitties. This one was SUUUUPER friendly and let us pet it. I wanted to take it home, but that as pretty much impossible. Plus, it had a buddy that came later, so they seemed pretty happy together.

You can see my Pokémon stamp rally booklet. We decided to try to get as many stamps as we could on our way how. I think we got... three? Maybe two.

Good-bye Osaka castle! It was fun!

Back in our hotel room! A couple of the things I picked up at the Tezuka Museum! My plush Leo and a Black Jack tin. It had wafers inside. Nur bought a bigger one that had gingerbread cookies inside (you can see one there).


P.S. Random Fact: I love Black Jack to pieces, but I also love Rock Holmes. He's really interesting. And sort of often an asshole.

Next Up! Nara!!! That means there will be DEER.
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