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The New People opening was lots of fun! I went there with Nik and Nur and we saw tons of awesome people we know. It was great seeing and chatting with everyone! ♥

I don't think any of us had a huge interest in the stores of the building, so we spent our time in Kinokuniya and checking out the other stores in J-Town. I tried to hang out for the red carpet event for the first 20th Century Boys movie, but it was totally staged and they shoved a crapton of "extras" in front of those of us cool people who had been waiting for the event. Of course, there were a few cool people in the extras, but they weren't all cool. =| Well, whatever. We got little Friend flags to wave, and I liked that. When we actually got into the theater, they had Friend shirts on every seat! Very awesome. We got fantastic seats and the movie was AMAZING. I can't wait for the next movie on Friday!!

I read the last volume of Verdant Lord today. I'm not entirely pleased at the ending, but everything leading up to it was FREAKING MIND-BLOWINGLY COOL. I would love to cosplay Shin someday, but I want to cosplay just about everything someday.

I just put on Spriggan for the first time in several years. Oh, this movie... I remember watching is raw in high school with the anime club and we made up a great storyline for it. Noah's Ark was NikeTown and MacDougall was Garlic Jr. Surprisingly, the story actually worked out pretty well. There are some really awesome action scenes in this movie.. like the fight against Fat Man and Little Boy... and the fight in the Turkish city. Good stuff. Plus, Yu is pretty awesome. Jean is my favorite though. =D

Anywho. There's work to be done.

EDIT: The Yu vs. Fat Man fight is totally my favorite over-the-top kill-scene ever. I mean, holy crap, he just keeps GOING AND GOING.
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