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Favor Askin' TIme

Hey all, I have a bit of a favor to ask. And by bit, I mean, it's a pretty big favor.

Are you bored? Do you have some space on your hard drive?

I'm starting to actually get my act together and work on the story about kitsune I talked about a while back. The problem is, there are seven gajillion other kitsune from Fushimi Inari Taisha, along with other creatures and I don't know which to pick to make characters out of. So I ask for some help.

This is a zipped folder of 150+ pictures from the shrine. Mainly, they're pictures of the kitsune, but there are some shrine cats, shishi, a dragon, and even some toads. If you have the time (and the space, it's 332mb because I didn't resize the images), could you go through and tell me what one is your favorite? If you're really inspired or something and want to make up information about the one you choose, feel free to! (But please don't feel pressured to do so!)

Just tell me the image name of whichever creature you like best, and I'll use it to create a character (or characters) for my story. Thanks, this would be a big help! ♥
Tags: fox delivers the mail, japan, orichara, photos, request
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