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Whoa, Comic Con.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY coppeliad and pentox!!
Hope it's a great one! =D

Okay, so Comic Con. It was incredibly awesome. So amazingly so.

We woke up fairly early, packed the car, checked the apartment, and started our long drive. It was pretty nice but the car got very warm. Nur's air conditioner sort-of kind-of works, so we were broiling. We stopped someplace on the Grapevine for lunch and then continued on our way. The traffic in LA was horrible, but that's to be expected, I guess. We hit traffic again once we got into San Diego, but we still made it to the hotel around 5ish. We immediately hooked up with Thy and Mark and it just happened that my cousin Danny arrived at just that time as well. Awesome. Mark and Thy went to preview night and Nur, Danny, and I went to the mall to grab some dinner. We had a nice time eating delicious burritos then buying books and checking out the comic book shop. But then, everything went downhill.

We left the mall to pile back into Danny's car but... it wasn't there. We scoured the parking lot, but no luck. No sign of it, but no sign of broken glass either. Danny talked to the security guard with hopes that it had been towed, but no dice. We went to the security office and Danny filled out a report, talked to the city's cops, and watched the security cameras. It turns out the car was taken less than ten minutes after we arrived. Guh. Not a good way to start a vacation. We caught a taxi back to the hotel.

Mark and Thy had returned from their trek with their friend Carmen, who is totally awesome. We chatted for a while then headed to bed.

We all woke up early so we could get a good parking spot, so we were at the convention center around 8:30. Nur and I needed to pick up our badges, so we got in the registration line and everyone else went their separate ways. Carmen had informed me that there was going to be a Bruce Campbell signing at 11am, so I was really excited for that.

After getting our badges, we happily entered the absolutely packed Exhibitor's Hall. There were tons of really neat booths, but way too many people. I'm tired of getting stuff behind someone who has eight double-wide strollers or who decide that walking in the middle of a walkway and disrupting traffic by doing so is a good idea. Honestly people, it's called logic. No, actually, it's just basic knowledge! Use it.

Hey, it's me and a Giratina! I felt this was necessary since I had recently turned in the pages for the Giratina book I had been working on.

Anyway. It turns out that you needed tickets for the Bruce Campbell signing and they were giving the tickets out exactly when I wish they weren't, so I decided to forgo a meeting with the greatness of Mr. Campbell (and his chin) and do other things. Luckily, I recalled Yoshinori Natsume having a signing at the same time! I thought, hell, why not, and went to check it out. I was in luck! There were only about three people there! I slipped in the back of the line and gleefully watched him draw for people. DRAW. FOR. PEOPLE. Oh! Be still my heart! When it came to my turn, I shakily handed him a sheet of bristol Nur had kindly given me and the last volume of Kurozakuro. He asked me who I wanted him to draw, and I asked for Zakuro. I also asked what color Zakuro's outfit was, because I want to cosplay him. KU KU KU I HAVE MY ANSWER AND I WILL COSPLAY HIM FOR HALLOWEEN (unless something crazy happens). Natsume-sensei is AMAZING and drew a super-cool Zakuro for me! I gave him a (ugly) drawing I had drawn for him, and he thanked me for it! EEE! His translator/a DC employee took a picture of us together with our pictures. GAAAAHHH I WAS SO HAPPY!!!

He looks SO not happy, ahahahahahaha. Maybe it's because my drawing is so ugly! XD Sorry Natsume-sensei!!

Nothing could ruin my day after that!

Oh Tegami Bachi~! I love love love you so (although you often give me such headaches and cause me such horrible pain)! The first volume is going to be out really soon, so please check it out if you haven't already! It's so very, very good!

Ta-da! It's my new baby one of the new series I'm working on! I adore this series and I feel so lucky to have the chance to work on it! (Thanks Jann and Daniel! ♥) The chapters will be posted online and the first book will be out next summer. The first chapter is already available, but my work on the series doesn't start until chapter two. The first chapter is really, really, really well-done, so I just hope my work doesn't clash too much with it! (Also, the last picture with me in it! Huzzah!)

Nur and I had a slew of panels in the same room all right after one another, so we decided to go to the panel room one time slot early in an attempt to get better seats later. The panel was actually quite awesome. It was "Wonder Women," talking about the stereotypes of actresses in sci-fi series and films and how the roles of women have evolved in the last forty years or so.

Next up was Burn Notice, which Nur and I agree was absolutely the best panel we went to. Everyone on the panel was amazing, but Bruce Campbell was just SO AWESOME. He's so great!! Everyone in the audience got a Burn Notice shirt too!

After Burn Notice was the Psych panel. It was also a blast, and even had Dule tap dancing! Freaking amazing. Everyone in attendance got a Psych shirt, magic 8-ball psychic ball, and a comic.

Our final panel of the day was Dexter. It was a good panel, but not as fun as the previous ones. I guess that's to be assumed when you've been watching two hours of great comedy and go into drama. Still, it was nice. Michael C. Hall's hair was really poofy and fun. I wanted to play with it, but I couldn't, so I'll have to stick to playing with Nur's hair.

OH MICHAEL C. HALL. I LOVE YOUR HAIR. Also lol photo of a screen.


We weren't going to leave the con area for a while, so Nur and I headed to Horton Plaza to get some dinner. Afterwards we stumbled past an EA gaming room where we got to check out some games that hadn't been released yet. I also got a blow-up sword! It's pretty cool, and it's covered in blood (not real, of course).

Then Nur and I hung out until the panel/showing my cousin was at was over and headed back to the hotel.

Today we ended up parking waaaaay far from the convention center. We met some crazy musician guy as we trekked from our car. He said he was from some famous band, but none of us had heard of him. Today was also the day I wore Sever, the costume I had been working on for a while. While I wore it, I got all sorts of amazing comments! It made me really happy. The costume was a ton of fun to be in, but it was soooo hard to see from the mask!

We attended the Viz Shonen Jump panel and got to see Hiroyuki Takei and Stan Lee! SO COOL. I got to see some of my old editors and the very awesome Andrew, who always saves my hide when I need pages for work. Our next panel wasn't until the afternoon, so we hung out in the Exhibitor's Hall. I couldn't see much, so I just followed Nur's back. I was able to meet rufftoon and bought The Water Tribe vol 1 and 2 from her. She even drew a little Zhao in each volume! So cool!


I could only get around by following Nur's back for so long, so we went back to the car to drop off my mask. Then it was time for lunch and some more panels. The Viz panel was fun and I got to see Traci (who is awesome). I wanted to see if I could get ahold of Joel (who I worked on Naruto with), because he was the editor for Ultimo and I wanted to get something to Takei-sensei. I headed over to the Viz booth and wasn't able to locate him, but I did run into Jason who just happened to be going to interview Takei-sensei! I gave him the picture and he let me tag along to the interview area. I didn't actually get to go in and see Takei-sensei, but I was able to hang out and chat with Joel and the editor director for Shonen Jump, Grant. I had a wonderful time and I hope I wasn't too much of a bother for any of them!

Uhhhhhh, so then stuff happened, we had to move the car because the parking lot actually closed at 8pm and we only found out after asking about it, and we went to the Eisners. Solanin, which was up for an award for best US Adaptation, didn't win (alas), but the series that took the award (Dororo), was also very excellent, so I'm not too broken up. The awards were really, really long and although they some great hosts and guests, Nur and I decided we're not going to go next year unless another book I worked on is up for an award.

Oh, I guess this was the day we went to the Bayonetta panel. It was a sexy sexy panel and I might be developing a crush on Bayonetta. She's very awesome.


Uhhhh... damn, I really should have written this shortly after getting home. Saturday I dressed in my CSI: NY crime scene tech costume. I LOVE that costume. It's very simply just an Air Force jump suit with a NYPD CSI patch on the front. I didn't get around to painting the back, but I hope to get that done before the next time I wear it. There are so many pockets on the jump suit, it's WONDERFUL.

Well. I started the day hanging out with my cousin in line for the Chuck panel. I did some pictochat and played some Call of Duty 4 with people in line. I really suck at that game! The Chuck panel was incredible! We got to see Jeffster perform and everyone on the panel was so nice!

After the panel, a lot of the panelists came to the edge of the stage and signed stuff for people, took pictures, chatted. They were so cool!!

Later, we went to the Viz Ikki panel and had a lot of fun! In the afternoon, we hopped on a shuttle and went to the Model Train Museum for the Ikki Train-A-Palooza party! I love that museum! The only think I would do to make it better would be to have a Baccano! scene, but I am very obviously biased! All the Ikki comics are so neat too! They had some food, cake, and a raffle! I got a neat cell phone strap and Nur got a Bokurano shirt. I had such a wonderful chat with Daniel, who had come down from LA just for the party! It was nice to see him again.

We had no plans after that, so we met up with Danny and headed back to the hotel. Danny caught a train out that night, because he had work the next day. =(

Oh, they had Café Diem from Eureka! I didn't go in, but I was told it was an actual restaurant! How cool!


We had no real plans, so we just packed up and decided to check out the Exhibitor Hall. I wanted to see Natsume-sensei again if possible, and I hadn't quite explored the whole place. There was so much to see! It was overwhelming! Natsume-sensei was sketching again, and he drew Tobei and Ose (dog form) for me! When he asked who I wanted, I told him Tobei or Inu-Ose, but I don't know if he understood the "or" part. I'm SUPER happy that he drew both of them, but I hope he didn't think I was just a greedy fangirl! T^T Then we headed to the Heroes carnival and got free carnival food. Mmmmm! At 1, I got to meet aidosaur! She's really very sweet and ever drew a little Maw for me! Yaaay~!!!

What does a carnival have to do with Heroes? I do not know, but I really liked the free food. =D


That afternoon we headed north to my Aunt's house and I had a wonderful time hanging out with my Aunt Linda and cousin Sierra. They're always so much fun!


We had a wonderful breakfast with Aunt Linda (Sierra had to return to her place the night before) and drove up to meet with my brother Noah and his girlfriend Yolanda for lunch. Then it was all the way back up north to home! Luckily, we got home at a reasonable hour and just chilled with some Psych before heading to bed.


The awesome swag from the con!

But these are definitely the coolest things I got. Just looking at them makes me so happy. Having them is like having dreams come true! *_* (Sorry, I know that sounds dumb)

I got some frames for the sketches from Natsume-sensei and put them on the wall. I liked the mat on the Kurozakuro one, but it blocks out some of the words on the paper. Bah.
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