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Life, Work, and Approximate Comic Con Plans

I swear, the day I wish someone a happy birthday actually ON their birthday the work will end.

*phew* I finished my mad work sprint this afternoon. I was pretty stressed there for a while, but everything worked out and I have some time to relax. I'm actually not done with one of my costumes for SDCC, but I just have a bit of gluing, so I'm not stressing over it.

I'm been trying to finish up watching old series recently, so I finally got around to watching the end of Star Ocean EX. I have no idea why I watched that entire thing. It felt really pointless. I don't know. It's not like it was a horrible show, it just did nothing for me. Luckily for me and my opinion of it, I watched the first disc of Samurai Deeper Kyo yesterday, so that gave it a better mental rating. I have a strange love for SDK, but its sort of a sucky anime. I've watched the first few episodes at least a half dozen times, but I have no idea why. Maybe because Kyo is such an interesting character.

On the side of worthwhile things I've watched, I rewatched some Utawarerumono this afternoon. While the series isn't fantastic or anything, I've come to really enjoy the time I spend watching it. The cast is really nice and Hakuoro is a facinating character. His parts in the Q&A Session and the Omake Theaters never fail to bring a smile to my face. The ending still made me cry! It's a good ending, but it's a sad ending!

I also rewatched some Xam'd as a treat for finishing all my work. Hot damn that series is AMAZING. And the ending made me cry again. I LOVE YOU XAM'D. I LOVE YOU SO DAMN MUCH.

I don't have an exact schedule worked out, and I'm much too lazy to actually look up the dates and times, but this is what I'm probably going to at SDCC:

Psych Panel
Burn Notice Panel
Dexter Panel

Viz Shonen Jump Panel
Miyazaki Disney Panel
Viz Regular Panel
Eisner Awards

Chuck Panel
Viz-Ikki Panel
Iron Man 2 Panel

Charity Auction?

Also, Hiroyuki Takei signing is there is one and Yoshinori Natsume because I love his stuff like burning. Seriously. I reread all of Kurozakuro yesterday which is sooooo good and I actually enjoy more than Togari. And you should know, I love Togari tons. Hopefully I can make it to a couple of his signings (and actually get autographs) and get him to sign a Togari volume and a Kurozakuro volume. I also want to ask him what colors Zakuro's hair and clothes are supposed to be because planning some cosplay in the future~ =D

Oh, and to follow up my anger at the local 7-11 taking out Banana for Watermelon slurpees... they took out Watermelon and put in Piña Colada, which is my second favorite flavor, so they have almost redeemed themselves.
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