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Things that make me angry lately.

•The local 7-11 took away banana slurpees. That was the main part of my utterly delicious Banana-Coke-Cherry Slurpee Surprise (trademark pending). They replaced it with watermelon. I love watermelon a lot, and this tastes like watermelon bubblegum, but I'm trying hard to stop eating bubblegum, and eating something that tastes like it is not helping. They took away the Transformers-sponsored flavor and replaced it with a GI Joe flavor. Which is strawberry-pineapple or something. I don't know what that has to do with GI Joe, but whatever. Also, it is colored blue. Huh.

•Artemis getting kernal panics. WHY? I blame flash. It seems to cause everything to freak out. Luckily, for once, it only loses crazy amounts of work every other time, so that's nice.

•When Dyson throws up, he goes to town. It's really nasty.

•I had a nightmare about a cosplay gathering and my brother. It started the whole day with a bad taste in my mouth. Sadly, the dream bothered me more than the dreams I have where I die. Priorities!!! ...or something.

•The owner of the local Subway is the worst sandwich maker I've ever encountered. It could be that he really doesn't like me, but I think he just really doesn't like dealing with people in general. He makes lazy sandwiches that fall apart when I take them out of the bag and pretty much tells me when he's done with my sandwich. I got a sandwich the other day and he put the meat on, was halfway through putting cheese on before asking me (although I did want cheese), threw it in the oven before asking me (I don't mind, it was just sort of strange), then told me that I had everything I wanted on the sandwich and started cutting it. Um, no, I would like some veggies on it, thanks. Then he charged me tax on the sandwich. Not a big deal (oh noooo 40-some-odd-cents!), but 90% when I get sandwiches, I don't get charged tax because it's always to go. Whenever he makes me sandwich, he does something strange. I don't get this guy. I think he just probably really dislikes sandwiches or something.
Tags: cosplay, dyson, life, rant, whine
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