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AX was pretty awesome.

So, got back from AX on Sunday night. It was seriously awesome. There were a couple hiccups here and there, but I had a great time. I'll post a really con report once I gather some pictures.

By a stroke of bad luck, I caught the Con Plague. I was feeling a bit off during the con, but I wasn't sure if it was nerves with meeting new people or with being in a new costume or actually being sick. On Monday, I woke up feeling like death itself. Not so cool. My sinuses are rebelling and my throat burns, but at least it was better than the Plague I caught at AX 07. That one was a lot worse. I may feel like death, but it's not absolute death. It's more like "oh, I can still raise from the dead after this" death. Not so much "NOOO MY BODY IS BEING TORN INTO ITS PRIMAL ELEMENTS" death.

But anyway, that's enough whining for now. Work is a lot slower right now, so I have a little time to work on the Gundam models I've put off for the last two years! I'm excited to get back to working on my Comic Con costumes, but I need a new tool in order to really get going on it. Hopefully I'll be getting that tomorrow!

With most of my TV shows being on summer break, I'm catching up on all the anime I've missed. But first, I'm finally finishing some of the series I've had on DVD forever and never finished. Today I finished up Kenran Butoh Sai: The Mars Daybreak after starting it FIVE+ YEARS AGO. I'm currently finishing Star Ocean EX and then I'll complete The Melody of Oblivion. Ohhh, good times.

You know what? Life is good. Well, except for the being sick part. =)
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