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wtf it's 108 outside

Suddenly it's really hot here. It was just nice and cool too!!

Life has been busy busy busy. I had a volume and a half due last week and another volume due on Wednesday, plus AX starts on Thursday so we're heading down on Wednesday. Gaaah, not quite done with my costume either!! Anyway, the last week has been actually pretty interesting.

-Nur and I went to Jamba Juice and the guy there said he liked my accent. He wanted to know where I was from. I've lived in the area my entire life (save for the time I was in SLO for school). Nur says by "accent" he means my slurring problem. Bah!

-The heat has painted a welcome sign for spiders on our door. I found a FUCKING HUGE spider on my bed on Monday as I was going to get my sunglasses. No fucking spider gets to play on my bed, especially when they're that big. I sure as hell didn't want to smash it when it was on there, so I got a cup and tried to catch it. The big guy was like an eight-legged cheetah! Suddenly he was on my pillow! GET OFF THERE YOU SOURCE OF MY NIGHTMARES! Luckily, I was able to get him there and I threw him outside and told him to NEVER COME BACK. That night Nur found the same type of FUCKING HUGE spider in the door frame. I swear it's the same one. Hells, it's probably the same one I threw out of the apartment a couple weeks ago. He killed it and we haven't seen any since. We stuffed some old fabric under the door (there was a good 3/4" opening down there), so hopefully that'll prevent more of them from visiting. I really, really don't like spiders. The only good thing about them coming in is that they're helping me get over my fear of them. Last time I threw one of these monsters out I left for a while and was scared to come back in the apartment. This time I was more angry than scared.

-CSI: NY makes me so very happy. I just finished up season 4 and am eagerly awaiting the release of the season 5 DVDs. 4 was a good season, the 333 and Cabbie Killer arcs were really cool.

-I finished season 1 of Prison Break. It took a while because it was so suspenseful I could only watch a few episodes a day. I have the DVDs for seasons 2 and 3, but I haven't started them yet. My heart needs to rest!


-I bought TV Guide this week because it had a Burn Notice cover. Mmmm, Burn Notice. I'm finally watching the second season with Nur because it just came out on DVD. I need Michael icons.

-I am the Dino Fight champion. I beat the internet high score by 120,000 points. And that's a lot when my score is just 308,000. OBVIOUSLY I HAVE FOUND MY CALLING. I WILL NOW BATTLE DINOSAURS FOR A LIVING. (Protip for the game: rapid-fire Z is the key to success!)

Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

From kouaidou:

Xam'd - I have a thing for couriers. Delivering mail is just SO COOL to me. So take couriers, add incredible animation from Studio Bones, plus a guy who can turn into a crazy-awesome creature-thing? OH MAN AM I SOLD. The show was fantastic and I met some awesome people though the series. I wish it was more popular (and had BluRay discs out!), but small fandoms are cool too. Now I want to rewatch it...

Kitsune - I'm a cat person, but I've always been fond of trickster animals like coyotes and foxes. I love kitsune because they're so interesting. They seem to be able to stand for so many things, some good and some bad. And they're the messengers of Inari! Whenever I see a kitsune statue, I feel compelled to take a picture (which may have cursed me in Japan). Every kitsune I've come across is so unique, I love to come up with stories for them. One day I'll write a comic about the kitsune in Kyoto. One day.

Comics - As long as I can remember, I've always loved comics. I grew up with X-men and Batman. The adventures in the pages of each comic issue led me on wild adventures of my own, helping me come up with my own heroes and inspire me to create my own comics. It's quite possible that the reason I started drawing is because of them. Unfortunately, I fell out of love with them when I was in high school after the last few issues of the first Gambit series were hideous splashes of disgusting color combinations and Warlands: Age of Ice changed pencillers three times over the twelve issue series. It was about then that my love for manga was really taking off, so I just traded one for the other. Now I'm finally getting back into comics. Honestly, the thing that brought me back was the pretty hardcover version of the Dresden Files comics. They're fun reads. I realized I really missed this kind of thing. I'm still slow in catching up with everything, but I'm currently enjoying The Darkness, Y: The Last Man, and, of course, The Dresden Files. (Suggestions for others are appreciated!)

Yaoi - Oh, this is an easy one! One hot boy is hot. Two hot boys are hotter than one hot boy. Two hot boys making out multiplies the hotness. My parents are still trying to cope with the fact I read gay porn (my dad found out that the convention I always go to in the fall is Yaoi Con and so he searched to find out what yaoi is. =\ )

Crime - I blame my interest in crime on growing up with Murder She Wrote and Diagnosis Murder. I find the criminal mind fascinating and the pursuit of criminals equally, if not more, interesting. I can't really explain exactly what I'm drawn to, but there is something about crime that I can't tear myself away from. And I really like both sides... sure, committing crimes is a horrible thing, but the (very) occasional Robin Hood-type criminal always amazes and impresses me. If I had any sort of necessary skill, I would be a phantom thief. My obsession with crime is obvious if you look at my TV series shelf; I think over half of it is crime-related (most of the other stuff is fantasy or sci-fi). My non-fiction books are in three categories: design, history, and crime. I'm actually hoping to go back to school in a couple years for a Criminal Justice Administration, but we'll see how that works out!
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