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Just because crime is interesting...

So I found out late last week that I can listen to the SRV fire station dispatches through their website. I live nearby one of the valley's fire stations, so several times a day I see the engines roaring down the street. Now, with the streaming dispatch radio, I can find out what is going on. I think it's really interesting.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of telling my parent about it. Now my dad thinks I'm quickly becoming a shut-in creepy crime stalker. I also made the mistake of telling him I discovered the dispatch feed while looking for police scanners online (half because I would someday like to get one to learn the police codes and half out of pure curiosity). Both parents think I'm crazy and freaky (even moreso than before that is).

Is it really such a horrible thing to find interest in crime and crime-stopping organizations? Bleh.
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