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hey, buy this, but i dunno when it comes out lol


I swear, their computers are too smart. I keep getting notices when they have TV series sales (aka ALL THE FREAKING TIME). I'm a weak little girl! They know it! I just got one today saying, "Save at least 30% on CBS DVDs!!" Oh, okay, well, I'm on online buying probation until Monday, so I'm safe for a little while. What do they tell me is on sale? All the new season's DVDs. Okay, cool. What would I be interested in? Oh, CSI: NY and Numb3rs! And look, right here! For good prices! Well, I guess I will be ordering these! They're probably not out yet, but hey, I'll preorder them while they're this low in price. So Amazon, when do they come out?

oh lol i dunno.

What? No, no, you should have something here that says the release date.

uhhh i forgot.

AMAZONNNNNNN!!!!! *shakes fist*

...but I'm still preordering them come Monday. OTL
Tags: csi, numb3rs, tv
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