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Ya-hoo~! The Listener!

I just finished watching the first season of The Listener. Good stuff, good stuff. Toby is so freaking adorable! I might spam with some pictures later.

I'm SO happy that it's on NBC now, because that means that there is a possibility that I'll get cast interviews and stuff on Hulu. You know, behind the scenes stuff. My hopes were answered this morning when I checked my queue and found a clip from the stars of the show. Oh happy day! (Warning, clip has some spoilers through episode 6)

The clip is the usual, "what is this show, what's good about this show" sort of deal, but when Craig Olejnik (Toby) starts talking about Toby's relationship with Oz... GOLD. PURE GOLD.

"They need each other, but I don't think they can define why or how they need each other. They obviously care about each other, they'll never admit it too much. Uhh... They full-on have a bromance, I think"


That's... sort of really adorable. Once I think about it, it totally is a bromance. A really adorable one. I guess I never thought I'd hear an actor say that though.

I want there to be a Listener panel at Comic Con. I'm afraid I'll be a gibbering mass of fan-goo if there was. "UH UH UH HI I LOVE THIS SHOW AND UHHH MR. OLEJNIK YOU HAVE THE MOST GORGEOUS EYES IN THE WORLD AND DID I SAY I LOVE THIS SHOW AND WOW UHHH." Etc, etc. Honestly though, I think I'll be that way at all panels I go to at Comic Con. I'll probably have to NOT ASK QUESTIONS because I'm afraid I'll be super creepy. Heh heh heh.... =\
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