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CRAZY HAPPENINGS and some crazy obstacle course

Crazy things have been happening lately!

Yesterday, a gas tanker was hit on the nearby overpass, causing some 2800 gallons to leak out. It leaked into the sewers and down to Dublin High and the surrounding neighborhood. There was a helicopter circling around the area for a few hours, so I headed out to see what the commotion was but didn't find out about the spill until we went on our weekly Taco Bell trip. They made us detour through a neighborhood because there were all sorts of emergency and hazard cleanup vehicles. Craziness. When we went out today, they still had a few cleanup vehicles out there.

Today Amanda, Nur, and I headed out to J-Town. Nur and I spent a fortune on books because it had been MONTHS since we had last been to Kinokuniya, but it was totally worth it. On our way to the market to get lunch, we saw something like six regular police cars and an undercover police car screech down the road and arrest a guy who was on foot. We didn't see them take down the guy (I think we were all watching the police cars), but suddenly there was a guy on the ground and police all over him. CRAZINESS. I know we shouldn't have been so interested, but we couldn't look away!

We also got to see the progress on the Viz Pictures building, but it wasn't nearly as interesting as the arrest.

Nur and I are watching Sasuke and it is AWESOME. The version he downloaded has commercials too, so it's like watching actual tv. Well, Japanese tv. Which has much more amusing commercials. I haven't had such a blast watching anything is a very long time. There was a guy dressed as Jack Bauer from 24, and another dressed as Obama. The Obama-Guy looked surprisingly like Obama and got the crowd to shout "Yes we can! Yes we can!" When he lost, he told that camera, "No I can't." I love this show.
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