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Fanime 2009 Report

This is a photo-less entry, so it might be sort of boring. My camera broke a while back, alas, alas.

Got in to San Jose pretty early and were able to check in to our hotel. We got a corner room (it never hurts to ask for the type of room you want!), so we were very, very happy. I threw on Jacuzzi and hung around with people until the webcomic panel at 7pm. The panel was pretty awesome! I was nervous at first because people were so quiet, but after a while the room warmed up and we got some excellent questions. I was really happy with how the panel turned out.

9pm meant /cgl/ meet, and that was fun. I got to meet some awesome trip/namefags in person and Jesse made delicious, delicious cookies. Then it was off to Awesomely Bad J-Music Videos. The videos were both awesome and bad. Bad. REALLY BAD. I was passing out at the panel, so at the end I crawled back up to the room and crashed.

Pokémon gathering was at 11, so I put on Houndoom and joined the fun! I only stayed for about a half hour though. I went to the room and prepped for masq. I had to style my wig. It turned out... passable. Around 3:30, the masq team headed to the auditorium for practice. Our practice was really good. Unfortunately, when it came time for the actually performance, I botched it pretty badly. Sorry team. =( The entire masq was pretty awesome though!! I think the quality overall was much, much higher than last year. There were so many good skits!

After masq, we headed out with a bunch of people and got cheesesteaks and hoagies. They were really good, I've never had one before!!

SBR gathering! I hung out with some other SBR people near the fountains and had a good time. I just wish my costume was more comfortable. My feet were KILLING me. I don't think I'll bring Dio to another con, he's just too hard to walk in and much too much trouble to transport. Maguma, Jesse, and Nik (along with some others whose names I forgot) hung out around where we were having our gathering waiting to go to lunch, so Nur helped me out and we ran up to the room so I could change into Jacuzzi again. Then we all went to Baja Fresh for a delicious lunch and some great conversation, mainly about Pokémon. I had a blast!

When we got back, I went to meet up with Tog, and we wandered around as Jacuzzi and Graham trying to find other Baccano! cosplayers. We found the awesome Ladd from last year, and hung out with him, then with a Chane and a Dallas. I love Baccano! gatherings, they're always a blast, no matter their size! We also saw Erica, so I got to talk to her for a while too. =D

After just hanging out for a while. Tog and I returned to our rooms to get ready for Restricted Rock, Paper, Scissors. I changed quickly (my costume is suuuuper easy for it) and headed over to the RRPS team's hotel room. Hung out with Juli as she checked in, then played on the escalators with Jesse. So much stupid fun. ♥ Then I got a wonderful surprise, my friend Andy from high school was at the con! I got to see him and talk with him for the first time in probably six years. Anddddyyyyy, I missssed youuuuuu~!! Unfortunately, he couldn't stay for RRPS, but his younger brother David (you know, the awesome David. Awesome totally runs in the family) could. So that was AWESOME. RRPS was AWESOME. It's always a blast.

Theeeeennnnnnn, it was Houndoom time again and dinner.

We packed up and dropped everything off at the car. I wore Houndoom again, because I didn't want to put a wig on and it's super comfy save for the head band used to hold up the horns. I ended up spending a great deal of money in the dealer's room. Overall, I didn't spend that much compared to most years though. That means money for other other cons this summer! David, Steebu, Nur, and I met up for lunch at Pizza My Heart (it's our tradition), then bid our farewells.

The con was very awesome and I had a great time. =3
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