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My huge Amazon order came in. Lots of awesome stuff in it, but most importantly (for the time being), the next two seasons of NCIS.

Oh god, I didn't cry when she was hit (maybe because I knew it was coming?), but I'm a wreck right now as I watch everyone come to terms with it. It really hurts. Hearing Gibbs promise to keep people safe? I was BAAAAWING. kouaidou, what have you gotten me tied up in?

On happier news, the order also contained the Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog DVD! I didn't think it was possible to love the cast more than I did before, but I do. The commentary and "making of" videos are so awesome! I haven't watched Commentary: The Musical yet, but I will when we get back from Fanime.

I was taking a shower this morning and I was blowing my nose before I stepped out, when all that came out was a lot of blood. Then the blood wouldn't stop and every time I blew my nose after, blood would splatter all over, so by the time I got something to plug up my nose to try to stop the constant drip-drip-drip of blood, the bathtub looked like a crime scene. Pretty awesome, but a little creepy hen it's your body that has the spatter all over it. =\

Wheee, just a couple more hours then it's Fanime time!!!!
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