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Fanime 2009 Plans

Almost done with everything! I'm just afraid that I'm going to forget something big. Which reminds me, does anyone that is going to Fanime have sunglasses I can borrow Sunday night? I don't know where the ones I used last year are, but I need a pair for my black suit outfit for RRPS. If no one has a pair, I'll just go run down to Longs or something and grab a cheap pair.

-Jacuzzi cosplay all day, yaaaay~
-Webcomics Panel, 7-8pm
-Swap Meet, 8:30pm?
-Awesomely Bad J-Music Videos, 9-11pm
-/cgl/ Meet, 9-11pm

-Pokémon gathering, 11am (Houndoom~)
-Masq stuffs 3-Xpm

-SBR gathering, Noon???? (Raptor Dio~)
-Restricted Rock, Paper, Scissors, 6-8pm? (Black Suit~)


Anyone up for hanging out after the masq? Maybe get some food, hang out in the Room of Awesome and GAR?

Wooo, so excited!!
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