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The Interesting Life of a Letterer, part 9

I thought "OM NOM NOM" was the greatest sfx I ever got to put on a page, but there is a new champion. I get to the last panel of a page of the animanga I'm working on and look at the script and what does it say?

.......Fx: Pooing

Seriously. That's what it says. In all honesty, I think it's supposed to be more of a "poing" sort of sound with a drawn out "O" sound because the character is jumping, but... "pooing?" That can only be taken as something else. I mean, come on. It'll be a fun challenge to try to not make it look like it actually says "pooing" and make it looks more like a jumping sound.

I think this shows my mental maturity though... I was laughing so hard I thought I might wet myself.

I wanted to participate in "Blog Like it Isn't You" day yesterday, but I got caught up in work and Fanime prep stuff. Bah. =\
Tags: inappropriate hilarity, the interesting life of a letterer, viz, work
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