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Neil Patrick Harris, DON'T LOOK AT ME!!

I found a fabulous picture of Neil Patrick Harris riding a unicorn on /tv/ a few days ago and it was just big enough to use a wallpaper (I guess it's from a Harold and Kumar movie? I dunno). It's super epic... I mean, NPH, looking serious, riding a unicorn, with godly clouds and a great shining light behind him. I love it, it's quite possibly the greatest wallpaper I've ever used.


Now whenever I read porn on Artemis, I always see his face staring at me... like he's judging me. It makes me feel so bad! The only way I feel okay about going through the porn folder now is by covering his face with some window, as if I'm blocking his view. I don't want him to think poorly of me.

Oh, so pathetic.
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