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I mean, I was REALLY eager to kill this guy.

I had this dream where I knew the end of Slumdog Millionaire. I've never seen it, but I knew the ending. I was also put in charge of this class randomly, so I didn't know what to do. I tried to find lesson plans and calm the class down (they were really rowdy), but it didn't work so well, so I just gave up and talked to Jesse and someone else about weddings. It wasn't like we were planning weddings, we were analyzing them.

Then suddenly I was in a thrift store that was also this elderly lady's home. I was helping her son out and she was making dinner for the three of us and this crazy homeless(?) guy. When they sat down, the homeless guy started splashing his drink around. The son said, "No! Don't get that on us," so of course the homeless guy got some on the son. The son passed out, then the mother passed out because she was worried. I was angry. Like, really, REALLY angry. I grabbed homeless's arm and smashed it against the chair so he would drop his drink (which seemed to be beer? I don't know why coming in contact with it was dangerous), then I grabbed his throat and started squeezing. He tried to get out, but it just made me squeeze harder. Oh gods did I want to kill him. I was so close, but I knew that I would make people sad if I did, so I let him go. He was unconscious, so I went to wash my hands while the police came (I knew they were coming for some reason). The son woke up and followed me to the bathroom, but the floor couldn't hold us both, so it started to collapse. Then I woke up.

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