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Arts: Dexter, Numb3rs, and Original

Doodle time!

My little Dexter doodles are looking less and less like Dexter. Baaah.

Doodled this after working on Ensuing today, liked it enough to clean it up in Photoshop. Proportions are off like whoa, but eh, it's a doodle. =)

SD-ish Charlie from Numb3rs and a little Don in the corner. I'm having immense trouble trying to get these SD versions to look like the characters they're supposed to, but at least Charlie has the wonderful and crazy hair. Don on the other hand... his hair is pretty normal. So I gave him accessories. The blue-and-graphite character in the lower left corner was supposed to be Dexter. Yeah. YEAH. I wanted to put him in different clothes and everything fell apart from there. XD;;

More SD characters... Charlie, Dexter, and Mick St. John. I had no references for Mick, so I just doodled how he looked in my head. He's pretty emo in my head, so that sort of transferred to the doodle. The rest of the doodles are of Copán.

Like the picture says, this is Copán. She's a test tube Fanged God, a mixture of a Jaguar and a Yellow Anaconda. Fanged Gods were deities of ancient South American cultures, and she was created in an attempt to gain an understanding of the power of the Fanged Gods. (Hint: She's like a big, moody, aggressive cat. Pretty much a good kid though.) She has two forms (because I don't think I'm capable of creating a creature-character without multiple forms), a bi-pedal form and a quad form. She has the shape of a human in her bi-pedal form, but most of her skin is covered in fur or scales.

Copán's quad form. It's hard to tell with the coloring job on the picture, but she has distinct areas of fur and scales. Her tail and legs are mostly covered in scales. You know, once upon a time, all I drew were cats. Cats cats cats, all day long. Now my cats often look like dogs! This picture isn't so bad, I guess, but every time I draw her quad-form face in a profile view, I have to redraw the muzzle several times to get it right! I think I need to go back to studying anatomy... both human AND animal! =D

I have owed pictures coming! They are most definitely on their way!
Tags: art, dexter, doodles, numb3rs, orichara, tv
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