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Open House, etc

Got back from SLO a short while ago. Good times, good times.

Open House was a lot of fun, especially since this is the first time I haven't been in charge or been learning the ropes because I would be in charge. VERY AWESOME. I actually got to walk around a bit and see other booths! It was fantastic to see so many of the Minna crew and to try to entice people to join the club. I swear I used to be passable at it. Now I suck.

I dressed as a ghetto, off-color, female version of Kamina. My tattoos rubbed pretty badly the entire day, so parts of my arms (but mostly my armpits) were blue! I also forgot to put suntan lotion on my chest and stomach (didn't even think about needing it anywhere other than arms/back/face), so I have this crazy sunburn with a white strip in the middle where my binding was. Luckily, it doesn't hurt (yet), but it is pretty hilarious to look at. Jesse and I combined to form the greatest mech ever: The Kamina Mech. Or perhaps just Kamina. I had the hips, he had the manly and the shoulders. Hopefully I'll post pictures soon, if I can get them from Suspi or Eric or something. Good times. =D

Nur and I stayed at Nik's place (thanks again!), and it was really nice to hang out and chat and everything. Oh, and it was great to see Tardo too!

The trip home took a lot longer than usual, we got stuck in traffic between Salinas and Gilroy, then the GPS had us backtrack and take all sorts of crazy routes when we were in the South Bay! Next time I'm just going to stick to my basic knowledge of the area instead. Luckily, most of the time we were with Juli, and that was lots of fun. =D

Oh god now I'm home and I can't stop reading Numb3rs fics of Charlie/Colby. I... I think I sort of ship them now. Like... maybe not in a sexual relationship (I rather like Charlie with Amita), but maybe a brotherly-friendship sort of relationship? With hugging and chatting and hanging out and stuff like that. But arg. I can't stop reading these. X_X

But now it's bed time. I'm super tired.
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