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lol, oh NBC

So I was surfing around on the official Chuck site today and noticed that you could download the Nerd Herd screensaver. I was actually hoping that they would post it (if it's the same one in the show), so I excitedly went to go get it.

Nope. Sorry. For Windows only.

....Hey NBC, that's just not cool. My Macs want to Nerd Herd it up too! And didn't you notice that the majority of the computers used (okay, not including Orion's and the crazy ones in Castle, etc. etc.) are actually Macs? Yes. It's a Mac-heavy show. Please give us Mac users a little love too!

This is disappointing. but I do appreciate the sexy Charlie Crews wallpaper on the official Life site, NBC

In other news, I'm now watching three vampire shows: Moonlight(ing), True Blood, and Dark Shadows. Why are all vampire series so unintentionally hilarious? Maybe I'm just a horrible person and laugh at all the wrong parts.
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