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New Layout, Stuff

New layout! It's Chuck-themed this time. I was going to make it Dexter-themed, but I figured I ought to do my best to support Chuck, since it's on the renewal bubble. It's only a small thing, but every drop counts, I guess.

I was contemplating making it Life-themed since that its future looks dim as well, but Chuck won out. Life's season finale last night was, quite simply, amazing. If it ends there, it'll be a good ending. I just want more awesome cop action with Charlie Crews. I'll probably geek out over it later.

I finally got the paperwork I needed from Merrill Lynch, thanks to a very awesome and kind person. He really saved my bacon and I owe him a lot because of it. But, Merrill Lynch has some of the WORST hold music ever. It's like listening to a very worn tape put through a tin can phone that fades in and out. So annoying! At least this time I was only on the phone for about 8 minutes. Last time it was almost an hour. I was on there so long, the music ran out. Seriously, it just... stopped. I thought I had been disconnected or something. But everything worked out in the end.

I feel really relieved right now... really relaxed too. This is awesome. =D
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