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Life as it goes

Sorry I've been so detached from lj lately! I'm sorry I haven't been replying to posts much or anything. I just don't really have the drive. But yeah, so life goes on.

On Saturday, Nur and I adopted a cat! He's a 6-year-old attention whore named Dyson. He's really great and puts up with just about everything I throw at him. I mean, really. I'm a hands-on owner, I like to pick animals up and rub my head on them and stuff like that. He lets me mess with him like that. The only problems we've had is that he really loves attention and gets in your face about it sometimes. And if he can, he'll nip you if you're near and not petting him when he wants it! XD;; We're trying to get him to stop that, but who knows. He's a pretty boy and now I have someone to talk to throughout the day. (Before, I was honestly talking to myself in the closet mirror. Sad, I know.)

Just like I thought it might, my TV-DVD collection has exploded. Over the last four days, I've bought House seasons 1 and 2, Dead Like Me seasons 1 and 2, How I Met Your Mother seasons 1 and 2, Psych seasons 1 and 2, Battlestar Galactica season 1, and Heroes season 2. Hey, Target had most of them on sale for really nice prices. The Dresden Files DVD set arrived last night too, which is the thing I had been looking forward to getting the most! I'm totally keen on rewatching the series over and over again. My poor bank account is hurting because of this crazy spending (I must be the world's biggest consumer whore! D=), but I'm treating myself after getting in a sizable check. I got in an even better check last week, and as soon as that clears I'll be ordering a few more series. But after that, I should have enough to watch for the next month at least. ...at least I really, really hope so. I'm afraid of running out of things to watch!!

I haven't started any new anime series for the new season... I'm holding back to see what all of you say about this season's offerings, then I'll probably make my picks. FMA will definitely be watched, but maybe not right away, the restaurant show looks interesting, and the mech-basketball one will be checked out for sure. I don't care for basketball, but this could be really amusing.

On the non-DVD front, Hulu and I have a blood pact and it takes a little more of my soul every day. Recent watches include:
•The Invisible Man - Now I'm on season 2 and the series is awesome as always. The cheesiness is delicious and I find myself thoroughly enjoying each episode. Plus, holy hells stage 5 Quicksilver Madness!!! It looks so creepy, but it's so amusing!
•New Amsterdam - Short series, but pretty enjoyable. It's a bit of a shame it was so short. It's probably for the best though, I figure the only way it could've had a "good ending" was with the main character's death. I mean, that's what he's going for the entire time. Poor guy.
•Sanctuary - I really can't decide what I feel about this series. I mean, I like the plot, and I like most of the characters, but the graphics look so silly sometimes and sometimes it's so cheesy and it's often SO obvious that it's mostly greenscreened... but still, I keep watching it. I keep cursing Hulu for not having the last four episodes up and my torrents for not downloading them fast enough! So, I guess I'm enjoying it. =D ......but it's sort of creepy when Will wears his glasses. He looks like an adult Daniel Radcliffe. =\

I also started watching Moonlight because I do love lulzy shows and this one seems right up lulz alley! It's not even that's it's cheesy really, it just seems so... silly. I don't know, I've only watched the first episode so far. I think the main character flirted with my cousin a while back, so it's sort of got this creepy vibe to it for me as well... (She was interning at this Hollywood magazine and had to work at a party they threw and he hit on her there or something? She said he was a total sleezeball, but I don't know if it was the main character or one of the other male characters. Still, it feels strange watching it...) BUT THE LULZ WINS OVER ALL. So I will continue to watch! =D

Uhhh... Fringe is finally back, but it was pretty "meh," at least in my opinion. But Leonard Nimoy is coming in as William Bell? WHOA.

Life's season finale is on tonight (which means Hulu tomorrow for me!), and I'm super excited. Life has rocketed to one of my favorite shows. Charlie Crews is one of my favorite tv characters ever. Easily in the top ten. It sort of kills me to get into a series like this, just to have the season finale and a long dry spell a few weeks later. Argh!!


Honestly, I just wanted to use this picture in a post. Sorry.

Okay, back to work!
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