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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ninja_nik!!!

Now a bunch of low-quality doodles from a bunch of series, including something I've owed for a while.

Months ago, I had a little "contest" of sorts regarding a photo I took in Japan. fiver won and requested a chibified Karas from Noein. There were all drawn ages ago, I just wanted to color them. Which I sort of didn't color well... at all. Sorry. =(

Another chibi Noein for fiver.

Annnnd the last one. Sorry they're so random. =\

A Tobi doodle from the same time I drew the Karas chibis. It was for my newest harddrive named, no surprise, Tobi, because it's my most important backup drive. I still need to clean it up and color it before I use it as the harddrive icon. Right now I'm just using a screenshot.

Drew this on the way too Wondercon. Most of these are original characters, the most populous on the page is Sever, who I'm using as a model for a Comic Con costume. I dunno, these are sort of random, but I do like the Dexter in the middle. I think seeing him dual wield knives would be really cool.

This is Copan, a fake "Fanged God" from South America. Fake as in, created in a lab, etc, etc. His "rescuers" named him Copan, after a Mayan city. Which sort of ticked him off, because he's a not a fake Central American god, he's a fake South American god. He's a mixture of a jaguar and a yellow anaconda.

Copan though, is a neat place that was once ruled by this guy with bitchin' goggles. Check these things out:

See? Only pimps can wear bitchin' goggles like that.

Mainly Kale. Nur once told me that I ignore Kale, so every once in a while I draw a bunch of random Kales. I think he was being silly though, because I think I've drawn him many, many more times than any other character I have. There's also a doodle of Charlie Crews from Life. I tried to draw him SD, but I just couldn't manage it, so he's some creepy mix of SD and non-SD. *shudder*

Ikki from Saint Seiya. I was going to draw a cool Ikki picture as a birthday gift, but... I'm sorry Nik. Nothing turned out.

I'll have you know that I only draw characters that are in character.

Jacuzzi's gang won the tag board diorama poll, so I was trying to get into a Baccano! mood. Unfortunately, I'm out of touch with... drawing everyone. Bah. Then there's some Tyrwyn, Copan, and an out of totally in-character Dexter.

Some doodles for the show The Invisible Man, which I used to watch back in the day and really missed when I couldn't watch it anymore. It turns out the entire thing is on Hulu, so I've been watching the hell out of it. Like, almost every other show is on hold until I finish it. Basically, the show is about a guy who takes part in an experiment which puts a gland into his head that allows him to become invisible. But if he uses the gland too much, he goes crazy and slips into "Quicksilver Madness," which pretty much makes him into a murderous psychopath. He needs a shot of a counteragent to make him sane again. It's pretty cool. He has an oroborous tattoo that shows when he's approaching Quicksilver Madness. Oh man did I miss this show. It's not like it's a fantastic show or anything either, it's just a lot of fun to watch. =D

Jayne doodle. Uhhh... that's supposed to be a gun in his hand.

OKAY I'M DONE~~~~~~~~~

Next doodle post will totally have the other drawings I owe!!
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