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Finally getting why people like it so much...

I was given some money for a birthday present yesterday, and I was all excited, because I wasn't expecting it so it was like, "SURPRISE!!!! MONEY!!!" But then I learned I had to buy a font for work, so I spent all that money... and more on the font. Ahhhh... Buying fonts is just part of the job, but they often cost so much!! Oh well, easy come, easy go.

I started watching Firefly yesterday. I was always curious about it, and so many of my friends loved it, so when I saw the DVD set on sale, I nabbed it. OH MAN. JAYNE IS AMAZING. EVERYTHING HE DOES MAKES ME LAUGH. ADAM BALDWIN IS MY HERO. ♥ But yeah, I'm really enjoying it so far.
Tags: firefly, life, tv, work
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