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Couple of Questions, Other Junk


It's been a strange couple of days. Some unforeseen delays in work (which I could have avoided if I had thought things through), listening to Merrill Lynch's on-hold music until it ran out (honestly, it just... stopped and I listened to silence for a while), and a very strange occurrence with work. I'm still wondering about that last one.

We're finally seriously cleaning up the apartment (it'll look passable on Saturday for the party!!), and it's starting to look nice. I had made a totally awesome but ultimately ghetto shelf for my TV DVDs, but it was falling apart, so I bought a bookshelf at Ikea last weekend. Oooh, I love it so much, but it also makes me a little sad. My ghetto shelf was filled to the brim with DVDs and it felt like my collection was enormous. Now my collection fills a shelf and a half (out of four). I guess I have a lot of room for the collection to grow now (DANGER!!!! DANGER!!!!). I bought a couple of figure display cases too, and now my little Nitro+ figures have a home. They fill one case, the other is currently home to my Gurren Lagann figures. These are really nifty cases, I'll have to grab some more so I can put my 009 figures in one.

It's just about time to change my layout, but I'm not sure what to change it to. I still want to do a Tegami Bachi layout, but I don't have my mood theme done yet, so I'll probably push that back (maybe to winter, I like the idea of a winter Tegami Bachi layout). I could go with another TV themed one (Dexter? Chuck? Numb3rs? Life? Another Bones one?), but since the current one is TV-themed, maybe I should do an anime/manga one now? Hmmm... Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm all ears.

Can anyone tell me about the TV series "Six Feet Under?" I read a couple things about it and it sounds interesting, but I was looking for some opinions on it before I throw money at it. (Oh god the complete series box is so neat, such wonderfully creative packaging ♥)

My sister is home for the week, and I've been trying to hang out with her, but it feels like she treats me like I'm an annoying little sister who she graces with her presence. I'm not too sure I'm down with that, but I do want to try to spend quality time with her before she goes back to school. Ah, well.
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