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Birthday Wishes and TV Watchings

HAPPY BIRTHDAY keikain!!!!!
Hope your day is/has been incredibly freaking awesome.

It's pretty obvious I've been watching tons of TV shows, but I thought I'd just post some short notes on the many, many things I'm watching and really getting into right now.

Well, first, I've been finishing up a couple anime series. I didn't start really watching anything new during the winter season, and I'm not incredibly interested in many new series for spring, so I've just been trying to shorten the rather long list of "in progress" shows I've been pretty lax on keeping up with lately.

Earl and Fairy - This series definitely had it's ups and downs, but I thought the ending was pretty much a letdown. I really thought they'd talk more about the Prince and there would be some epic showdown at the end. The last battle was neat, but not really what I was hoping for. Oh well.

Seirei no Moribito - Now this is a fantastic show. It's been on my "in progress" list for about a year and a half, and I hadn't finished it simply because I was too lazy to get the last two episodes (I think that I might have also been putting it off because I was worried about the ending). My possible worries were blown away and the series ended spectacularly. I feel very ashamed to have put off watching the ending for so long. Now I have to get to reading the books! Book 2 comes out in May! ♥

TV Watched/Watching:

Alias - I've heard so many good things about this show, I picked up the first season when I saw it for cheap. I'm not really into it right now, I don't really care for the characters or story much at this point (but I do like the reporter friend guy!), but the series has a VERY ANNOYING habit of not having stories end at the end of episodes. Ayakashi Ayashi did the SAME ANNOYING THING. But hell, it's keeping me watching, so I guess it's probably a good thing. I'll definitely give the series at least another disc before I decide to keep it or drop it. (On Season 1, Episode 3)

Angel - If you've known me for a while, you know that I was once a huge Angel fan. I saw a good portion of the first few seasons, but I'm having trouble going back through because Angel gets so damn emo at times. I mean, a lot more emo than usual, you know? I've been occupied with other series right now, so this has been on the back burner since the winter holidays. (On Season 2, Episode 4)

Bones - OH GOD I LOVE THIS SERIES. It's just so damn awesome and the characters are amazing and I love love love it. I am playing the dreaded waiting game with it right now... waiting impatiently for a new episode every week. I miss having three and a half seasons to catch up with. I really enjoyed watching five or six episodes in a row. (On Season 4, Episode 16)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Angel is evil, Buffy is emo. I love Angelus because I think he's a hilarious asshole, but I just don't want to deal with Buffy being mopey and angry right now. Granted, Buffy always seems to be angry, but I don't really care for her in the first place, so... I really should watch more though, I just picked up seasons 4-6 at Costco. (On Season 2, Episode 16)

Burn Notice - Or, as Nur calls it, "Douche Notice." He thinks Michael looks like a douchebag in what he wears on the DVD covers. It took a while for him to watch it, but he really seems to like it now. I really enjoy it as well, and I really need to catch up. I'm way behind! Bruce Campbell is always a winner in my books. ♥ (On Season 2, Episode 4)

Castle - This show just started and the premise seemed interesting, so I'm giving it a try. So far it's pretty amusing and I really enjoy the relationship Castle has with his daughter. (On Episode 2)

Chuck - My current obsession. I swear, my love for this show grows every time I watch an episode. It doesn't matter if I've seen the episode already or not, somehow I love it more when the episode finishes. I play the horrible waiting game on this one too. The lack of a new episode this week saddened me, but it'll make next week's episode that much sweeter. (On Season 2, Episode 16)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - I don't care all that much for the series anymore, but it is what got me started on my science + crime love. I realized some time ago that I had never seen the first season, so I'm slowing fixing that. (On Season 1, Episode 6)

CSI:NY - The most serious of the CSIs. My sister says that Mac has a stick up his ass, but I rather like him. I like the whole NY crew. I bought this at the same time I was trying to get CSI:Miami (Gotta love Horatio), but I could only find the first season of NY for a price I was willing to pay at the time. Don't worry Horatio, I'll add you to my collection some day!! (On Season 1, Episode 5)

Dexter - I think it's obvious I am absolutely in love with this series, just like Bones and Chuck. Nur and I haven't started season 3 yet, we're going to try to hold out until either the DVDs come out or at least until late spring/early summer so the distance between the end of season 3 and the beginning of season 4 isn't so painful. (On Season 2 Episode 12)

The Dresden Files - sapphire_pyro wrote a post about this series and it was all on hulu, so I decided to check it out. Within three days, I had watched the entire series and purchased the first two books of the series. The series is great fun (as modern day wizarding often seems to be), and Harry charms me with his personality and his very awesome drumstick and hockey stick wands. I don't know about you, but I would never mess with a wizard with a hockey stick wand. It's really a shame that the series is only 12 episodes. (Series Complete)

Fringe - I think bluestraggler said something about this, and after finishing Dresden I felt the need to start something new (as if I didn't have enough to watch) so I downloaded the first few episodes. Really, I wasn't wow'ed or anything, but I gave it another episode... then another... then another... and it's turned into a show that I'm totally into, but I just NEED ANSWERS. And not just about The Pattern, I want to know more about Peter! So, I guess I'll be watching this until at least some of my questions are answered! It's not like I don't like it, I just don't like it nearly as much as some of the other stuff I'm watching. (On Episode 8)

Lie to Me - Dr. Lightman really, really bugs me. He's the type of guy I would end up punching in the face. Nevertheless, the series has some interesting characters and cases and I really want to know more about Dr. Jerkface Lightman, so I continue to watch it and am eager for each new episode. (On Episode 6)

The Mentalist - This series is great fun and has taught me many things about dealing with people. The episode with Chou picking up ladies was pretty spectacular. And finally, there will be a new episode tonight!! (On Episode 16)

NCIS - This series has a very high major character death rate. I feel bad for the characters, because I rather like them. This is like CSI in the Navy. I think the military aspect adds a lot of interesting things to the show and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I've seen episodes here and there from many seasons, and it seems like the series only gets better. (On Season 1, Episode 5)

Numb3rs - The fourth great TV love I have right now. I can't say anything bad about this show, because I think it's fantastic. I have been watching it pretty slowly lately, because I don't want to finish season 3 before season 4 arrives here! Charlie is super dorky adorable, sort of like Chuck, and the entire cast is wonderful. Frequently, when Colby is on screen, I get a craving for colby cheese. When Rigsby from The Mentalist is on screen, I often get the same craving because he sort of reminds me of Colby.

Psych - Many people recommended this show to me. I laugh quite a bit while watching it, but at the same time I get really embarrassed watching it. When characters do really dumb things on screen that I know is going to bite them in the end, I get really uncomfortable and embarrassed, as if somehow it will effect me as well. I dunno, it's weird. I am enjoying it though, so I'm going to continue to watch it. Plus, the theme song is really cool. (On Season 1, Episode 7)

Reaper - I had no clue that this series existed until sjen mentioned some of its characters in relation to Buy More employees from Chuck. That comparison got me interested, and I'm now current and really enjoying the ride. Because of this show, I find myself saying, "I'm the Devil, Sam!!" to Nur a lot. Don't ask why, I just get this urge more often that I should. =| (Fun[???] Fact! The actor who plays the Devil is the boss of the guy who plays Angel from Dexter in the first episode of Burn Notice. Craziness.) (On Season 2, Episode 2)

Supernatural - bluestraggler was kind enough to lend me her DVDS and it seems like the type of show I could totally get into, but something about it just isn't appealing to me. I can't quite figure it out. It has all sorts of elements that I really go for, but episode 1 was really "meh" to me. I don't know why. I'll give it the necessary 3-episode trial and decide after episode 3 whether I should continue or not. (On Episode 1)

I just wasted... a lot of time writing this. I really should be working, but I really don't want to. Meh.

I know I said this a couple posts ago, but... I've found that trying to draw SD versions of TV character is a fun challenge, and I'm open to requests, as long as it's clear that there is no guarantee that it'll actually get done. Oh, and the character has to be from any of the series I've listed in this post. I've been so lazy with drawing lately, I need some sort of kick start to get going and this may be the key. (I haven't forgotten about the other pictures I owe, I'm just having trouble working on them)
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