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Recommendation: Chuck

It's official. I'm obsessed.


Chuck is the story of late-twenties Nerd Herd member of the Burbank Buy More (think the Geek Squad at Best Buy). He's a smart guy working way under his potential after being kicked out of Stanford twelve units short of graduation. After five years, he's still angry at Bryce Larkin, the guy who got him kicked out and stole his girlfriend.

This boring sort of life is turned upside down when Bryce, who is actually a CIA agent, sends him an email containing thousands of encoded photos which implant themselves into Chuck's brain after he views them. In short order, a gorgeous CIA agent and a badass NSA agent come looking for the person who received the email. All those pictures actually contained government secrets from a computer named "the Intersect," which was destroyed by Bryce. Now the only copy of all the Intersect's secrets is in Chucks brain.

Now Chuck is in a pretend relationship with his CIA handler Sarah Walker and Buy More coworkers with NSA agent John Casey. No one can find out what is in Chuck's brain, or everyone is in danger.

Where can I start? This show is simply wonderful. It's an incredible mix of comedy, action, and drama. The characters are wonderful and the story is fun and interesting. I'm not really good at saying why things are good, but trust me, this show is very, very awesome.

The cast is absolutely fantastic, and it seems obvious that they have a good time playing their characters. (Possible spoilers~)

Zachary Levi plays Chuck Bartowski. Not only is Chuck super adorable and has that that cute geekiness going for him, but he's really caring and through and through just a very good guy. I have to admit, I have a huge crush on Zachary Levi now. Not only is he really, really cute, but he seems like the type of guy that would just be a blast to hang out with.

Playing the part of Sarah Walker is Yvonne Stahovski, a beautiful Australian actress (she has an incredible American accent, I would never have guessed she wasn't from California). Sarah is a tough-as-nails CIA agent who is constantly battling between what she'd like and what is necessary for her job. She's a super badass who kicks ass and takes names and looks incredible while doing it.

Adam Baldwin plays the NSA agent John Casey. Casey is a man of few words and lots of action, but he constantly makes me crack up. His interactions with Chuck are incredibly amusing and he's the type of character that grows on you. Like a tumor. Plus, Adam Baldwin!!!!

All the cast is fantastic (come on, how can you not love a character who is often called "Captain Awesome?"), but I won't talk about everyone. If the cast wasn't good enough, there the guest stars are craazzzyyy!

For example:

HOLY CRAP. I swear this guy is everywhere (no, not Chuck). He plays an agent in an ep of Chuck, a con artist in Burn Notice, and Rita's ex-husband in Dexter. I guess he's in an episode of Numb3rs I haven't watched yet too. So crazy~

Oh!! AND THE MUSIC. IT IS AWESOME. Here, have some. (There were grabbed off of the incredible chuckmusiq, I just reuploaded them)
Teddybears & Mad Cobra - Cobrastyle
Gnarls Barkley - Gone Daddy Gone
I play these when I go walking and I pretend I'm a special agent. I think my neighbors have the looney bin on speed dial for me.


This is a fantastic show that I highly recommend. If you're in the states, the DVDs for the first season are out and pretty cheap. You can get them at Target for like... $23 and at Costco $17. It runs on NBC on Mondays at 8pm. The latest ten or so episode are available on hulu.

I'm going to have a marathon at the apartment in the next couple weeks. So people in the area should join me. More details later. there will be cake
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