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What a day...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, jennmenchi!!
Curse you and your "government birthday gift!! ={ Curse yooouuu~!!! (kidding, kidding, =D )

So I was doing the usual work stuffs today when I smelled gas. At first I didn't really think about it, maybe because I figured my mind was playing tricks on me. After thirty more seconds, I figured maybe it wasn't. The entire bedroom and kitchen smelled like gas (although the bathroom and living room smelled fine), so I grabbed my most important belongings, shoved them into a backpack, and left the apartment. There was a note shoved into the door saying they were fixing a gas fixture for our building, so I didn't feel as threatened, but I still figured it was a good idea to get out of the place. I headed over to Starbucks, which is a dangerously short block away and hung out there, enjoying a hot cocoa and a book that arrived yesterday. But I really had to get work done, Artemis's battery only lasts a few minutes while working in photoshop, and the only outlets in the place were occupied. So, I headed back to the apartment to check it out. When I got back, the gas smell was even stronger, so I headed out again. Right now Im taking shelter in the laundry room because it's the only place that I know I can plug Arty in (and as a bonus, the only unlocked network in the area is accessible from here). I can't really work here because I have no where to put my tablet, so now I'm just wasting time waiting for the gas to clear out of the apartment and/or my mother to call me back. I'm hoping maybe I can go back home for a couple hours and work there while the place airs out. Bleh. Sort of exciting, but also stressful and scary. =(
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