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HAPPY late BIRTHDAY afterburn!!!!

Yesterday I went to Wondercon, which was awesome and lots of fun. I had never been there before, but I'll definitely go next year. Nur and I didn't have much of a plan... we got our badges in a couple minutes (quickest reg ever) and checked out the Otaku USA panel. It was fun (and holy crap khyungbird, I can't believe you recognized me in costume. My MOM can't recognize me with a wig on half the time). After, we went to the Viz booth to say high to one of my newer editors, Daniel. I had never met him before and he seems really awesome. After that we checked out the previews for Know1ing, Astro Boy, and Pandorum. the first two look interesting at least, the last looks like Dead Space: THE MOVIE. Blah blah blah, got food, saw Jason at the Bold Riley booth, saw Shaenon at the Cartoon Art Museum booth but didn't say hi because no one (except Jason, I guess, hahaha) recognizes me in that costume and I thought it might be sort of awkward. Sorry Shaenon, I'm a weak, weak, scared kid. Checked out the UP panel, but got in a little early and also saw some of the 9 panel. I didn't know anything about the movie 9, and I'm interested in seeing it. Elijah Wood was there talking about it, and he actually seems pretty awesome. It sounds like he's a big nerd at heart. ♥ I felt bad every time someone would ask something related to Lord of the Rings. We puttered around the booths looking at random stuff for a while while waiting for the next panel and I found a Jeffersonian patch from Bones. It's the Medico-Legal Anthropology Unit patch and I am SUCH A RETARDED FANGIRL OMG OMG THIS PATCH IS SO COOL. I'm going to buy a blue lab coat, get my name embroidered on it, and get the patch put on. I'm going to wear it as a super easy costume to Comic Con. OH MAN. SO EXCITED. Our last panel of the day was for the new Fire Emblem game. It was about localizing and quite interesting, but the questions asked by con-goers were mostly annoying and bad. This is a FIRE EMBLEM LOCALIZATION panel. Please ask about Fire Emblem or localization. No, they cannot get you a job. No, they cannot introduce you to Miyamoto. And when they say, "one question?" IT MEANS ONE QUESTION. Blarg.

After the con, we tried to get food, but just about everyplace we tried WAS CLOSED. It was before 8 on a Saturday! THIS IS MADNESS. Oh well.

I'm not heading back today (prior important engagement today), but I really, really, really, really, REALLY wish I was because THERE IS A CHUCK PANEL. A PANEL. ABOUT CHUCK. WITH ZACHARY LEVI AND YVONNE STRAHOVSKI. UUNNNGGHHHH~ Hopefully there will be a Chuck panel at Comic Con. But... a panel.... about Chuck... I'm missing it.... BAAAAAAAWWWWW I am seriously in love with this series. To drown out my sorrows, when we got back we watched an episode. It made me feel... slightly better.

A couple people recognized me while I was in costume, and I thought that was pretty cool (I was cosplaying as Shanks). A lot of people had to do double-takes to see that, yes, that beard is marker, and yes, I am female. One guy even told me I gave him a scare because of it. It was fun. =) There were a lot of cool costumes there. And comic people seem to generally be more fun to be around than typical anime people. I don't know what it is... Hmmm....

*whimper* chuck panel... D=
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