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Hey guys, anyone going to Wondercon this weekend? I'm going to be there on Saturday if anyone wants to hang out.

I'm trying to decide if I should cosplay or not. I've never been to Wondercon before so I don't really know the atmosphere. What do you guys think? If I do, who should I go as? Here are some of the costumes I've done before, plus I've been Horo, Howl, Yuki, Kurotabou... and a couple others. Raptor Dio is not really an option, because I have to fix his boots and don't really want to before Saturday. I'm also considering wearing my half-assed almost-wannabe steampunk outfit that is more like a stableboy costume. Arrgghhh, I don't know. X_X

Numb3rs seasons 1-3 arrived today, and I am as happy as can be. I'm really enjoying this show. ♥
Tags: con, cosplay, tv
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