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Thanks everyone for all the show recommendations on my last post! I should be occupied for a while now! =D

I finally found a couple places I could order Numb3rs without feeling too guilty, so I did. In the meantime, I'm still downloading episodes. Well, trying to. I think my torrent is stuck in an infinite loop. It has been teasing me for the last day. "Do you want episode 4?" Yes, yes I do. "Well, it's almost done downloading." Oh yay! "JUST KIDDING LOSER." Yesterday morning it was at about 96%. Yesterday evening it was at 99.12%. A couple hours later, it was at 98.96%. Wait, what? How does that make any sense? This morning I checked the progress and it was at 98.96%. Ok, maybe it didn't download anything overnight. A short time later, it was 99.23%. YAY. Oh wait, next time I checked it went back to 98.96%. So finally, I watched it download to see what was going on. It downloads to 99.99% and then goes back to 98.96% and repeats the process. This is driving me CRAZY. Is it corrupted? At this rate, I'll have my DVDs before episode 4 actually finishes. It's ironic that this episode is named "Structural Corruption." Har har har.

This weekend at Costco, I found a bunch of seasons of stuff for cheap, so I happily (and a little guiltily) picked up Buffy season 3 (maybe now I'll finally push myself through the "BAAAWWW ANGEL IS EVIL" part of season 2. Hey, I like Angelus. He's always fun.), The Adventures of Brisco County Jr, and the first season of Chuck. I started Chuck yesterday and am absolutely loving it. Freaking Masuoka from Dexter is in it and it's totally weird to see him as anyone other than Masuoka so soon.

Enough whining for now. I have more Chuck to watch a lot of work to do. Tally ho!
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