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Dark Passenger x Angry Doberman = LIEK TOTALLY OTP

I am actually surprised that I have come across BrianxDexter stuff, but no DoakesxDexter (or vice-versa).

Christ, they are practically all over each other (in a completely non-sexual way) in parts of season 2 and in a great deal of Dearly Devoted Dexter. As a fangirl, I know my kind eats that shit up like mad. I'm not going to open that can of worms myself, but it really does strike me as strange that I haven't seen anything pairing them yet.

I finished Dearly Devoted Dexter this afternoon. Some hilarious things happened, some very.... wtf things happened. Wtf things that don't sit all that well with me. But, I enjoyed the book overall and let me just say... strippers + Dexter = hilarious.
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