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I wanted to make a new Valentine, possibly a bloody Dexter one, but I couldn't think of anything clever to put on it, so I'm shamefully using last year's again.

bookchan!!! Thank-you for the hearts!! ♥♥♥

Yesterday I went to my mom's class. I don't know how she deals with 30 kids with such high energy levels. I wanted to punch one of them and shout, "IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP, THIS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU TOO." That said, they were pretty annoying, but also sort of cute. One of the girls kept telling me how cool I was. Why, I'm not too sure. They all seemed to be interested in my work and would stand behind me to watch me work on pages. Sorry kids, it's really not that interesting to watch. =\ I got a real mixed bag day with them. The first half they were all gone on a field trip, the second they were having a V-day party. Peace and quiet to chaos on sugar. Obviously I survived, and no real harm was done.

I only spent the day there (away from my beloved internet connection, alas) because my mom was going to take me shopping in Walnut Creek that afternoon, and I didn't want her to have to drive all the way back to pick me up after school. Well, it wasn't actually a trip to take me shopping, it was to take my sister shopping. She didn't like the really nice jacket my parents got her for her b-day, so she had a lot of money to spend on clothes. I was more of a tag along. I needed some dress shoes for a wedding and I needed to exchange some shoes my mom got my for a larger size. Whenever you throw my mom into a place like Nordstroms, it's like through gas on a fire. It just doesn't stop. When you add my sister, it's like lighting tires on fire. IT WILL NEVER STOP.

Luckily, my mom was kind enough to drop me off at Barnes & Noble while she picked my sister up from the BART station, so I bought the second Dexter book and waited for her to call me and find out where to meet. We ate dinner at like... 4:45 and then began the shopping. First it was purses. I don't care for purses, my wallet works just fine. Then it was hats and gloves. This was disappointing, because I love hats, but these were hideous. The gloves were slightly better, but I was really hoping for some serial killer gloves that stopped at my wrist. No dice. Then it was onto shoes. Ugh, shoes. I strongly believe that 99% of women's dress shoes are hideous. And of course, my "fashion knowledgeable" sister loved many of them. Taste. She doesn't have it. Perhaps I'm lacking in fashion sense, but I do think I know when something looks alright and when something looks like what a drunk clown threw up. After shoes it was time for actual clothes. Luckily, I spied some chairs, so I played bag guardian and watched over all the bags we had. But mostly, I just read Dexter.

Darkly Dreaming Dexter + the Dexter OST = Incredible.
Dexter's sensible serial killer points + hate and annoyance at this sort of shopping = dangerous.

No, no, I wouldn't go on some serial killing rampage, but it did plant dangerous thoughts and alternate ways of thinking in my head. Luckily, I have no Dark Passenger to push me to even darker thoughts and actions.

After 40 days and 40 nights, my sister and mom finally returned. I asked them if I could get home by 9, and they made a fuss. NINE PM. I don't think it should be that hard. I wanted to go out and get some hot cocoa with Nur and the evil coffee empire closes at 9. Plus, I had some corrections for work I needed to get in by Monday, and internet over the weekend was a big "?." I was pretty much ignored (my needs are peons compared the great majesty of the need to shop), so I reiterated and was told that I am a selfish person. Maybe so, but I didn't think 9pm was such a hard goal. She told me that I could just wake up early and do the corrections then. Yeah, or we could get back at a reasonable time. My mom started to figure out exactly how much time we could all spend shopping (OH BOY) in order to get me home at 9. I told that I would actually like to be home a little before so Starbucks would still be open. Again, I was told how selfish I am.

The shoppers looked at more shoes and then at coats. I listened to my iPod. My mother fails to realize (although I've told her many times) that I usually can't hear her when I'm listening to music. So when I saw her mouth moving and only heard the Bones theme, I slowly paused my music, took the ear buds out and told her again. What a horrible child I am. Luckily, I already knew this. Also luckily, some greater being was looking out for me and presented me with possibly the only chair in Macy's. So I sat and read more Dexter. After through fits over the coats, my sister played matyr and said that we could go home because she would do what she had to to keep me happy. Thanks little sis, really taking one for the team me. The walk to the car and part of the ride home was take up by being told how selfish I am, but I just had stopped caring a while ago, so I paid more attention to my theories about Dexter. Hey, I was at the end of the book. I really wanted to find out what happened.

I got back before 9, got to Starbucks just fine, finished my corrections, and I think my sister and mother survived my selfish cutting short of their shopping bonanza. We're leaving this morning for a wedding in SoCal, so we'll see when they come to pick me up.

Wow, I didn't mean for that to get so long and ranty. Yesterday was not fun. =\

I think I enjoyed the first season of the show more than the book. The book was good, no doubt, but the show had more opportunity to flesh out some of the characters. There were a number of differences between the two of them, but I like that. It kept me guessing.

Brian wasn't as interesting, but HE LOOKED LIKE DEXTER. I guess that makes perfect sense, but whoaaaaaa, it lead to a lot of crazy mental images. And a freaky dream.

Dexter was just as awesome, maybe a little bit more so. He loves alliteration. And I love it when he uses it. They way he refers to people and events is so interesting.

The ending was different too. A lot of parts were similar, but some very big parts were very different.

Now I can't wait to read the second book or watch the second season. I promised Nur I wouldn't start the second book until Monday. He doesn't want to fall behind. =)

Oh god this entry is so long. D= I guess I ought to get dressed so I'm ready to leave for a fun fun weekend of driving and wedding! WHEEEEeeeeee.

OHHHH P.S. Pluto and 20th Century Boys are out and they look GOOD. ♥
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