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New Layout, Exploratorium

Yesterday Nur and I went into San Francisco to visit the Exploratorium. The first Wednesday of every month is a free admission day! It was lots of fun and reminded me of a lower tech version of Miraikan. Except... I think Exploratorium was built first, so I guess that would make Miraikan a high-tech version of the Exploratorium. Anyway, it was totally awesome and everything is hands-on, which makes it totally freaking super awesome. I hadn't been there since I was in third grade, so it was also a blast from the past. The only problem I had were the masses of young children. Most didn't bother me, but a couple would mess with the experiments I was checking out. I would be looking at different types of cells through a high-powered microscope, and some kid would run over and yank on the lever to magnify then drag it back and forth so the poor microscope would go, "Holy shit magnify! Wait! Don't Magnify! Now Magnify! NNGGHHH!!!" Another time I was setting up some experiment with currents... I think I was trying to get electricity to jump from one place to another and it required careful handling. Suddenly this little brat runs up and pushes on one of the bars I was worked with, wrecking the entire thing. Then he had the nerve to look at me and give me a "I'm and angel!!!" smile. Kid, I don't like you. Do you want to see my murderer smile? Still, I had a really good time.

I also got a good deal of exercise in! We walked from the Embarcadero BART station to there (it let me pass by Viz ♥) and then back to the Powell Street BART station. Plus, I got followed my map incorrectly, so we ended up walking something like 8 miles over the course of the day. It felt really good to get out of the house and move around so much.

I made a new layout, this time it's Bones, because that is quite obviously my current obsession. I like to change layout every quarter and I didn't when the new quarter started because of work, so I decided to get to that this morning. It's really quick and dirty because I don't plan on using it for all that long. And I just totally ripped the top picture off of hulu. Real people? On MY LiveJournal? Apparently, it's more likely than you'd think. It's also much more likely that I ever thought too! My profile page has been changed to fit (also quick and dirty), and I found a Bones and Booth mood theme. Delicious. I just wish it also had the other cast members too!

Speaking of Bones, I finished season 3 this morning (NNRGGGHHH!!!). Hodgins, you break my heart, but it's in a good way. You're such a good guy. Damn, this series is amazing. *_*
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