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What a week, what a week!

*phew* I'm glad the week is over.

HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY TO summerpixy!!!!
Hope your birthday was AWESOME, and sorry for saying this so late!

This week was really stressful, mostly just because of sheer amount of work I had to get done. Thankfully though, I was able to get everything done by the deadline! I'm hoping that now I will have a little more free time. This week was filled with long days and a nagging mother and what would be near insanity if it wasn't for a fabulous week-long David Boreanaz marathon. He's a very hot guy.

I didn't exactly plan for it to be David Boreanaz week, but I bought the first two seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel at Target last week (soooo cheap ♥) and already had the second season of Bones, and since he's a main character in two of those and a strong supporting character in the other, the days were filled with him. I also watched some Black Lagoon, which definitely did not have David Boreanaz, but was still very awesome. I hear the Japan arc is in Second Barrage? I can't wait until they bring out a set for that too. ♥

I still have a season of Buffy (btw Buffy is a total bitch and treats Angel like crap D=) and a season of Angel to watch, but the third season of Bones is on order, and IT'S DRIVING ME MAD. T^T I have fallen head over heels for that show!

I'm very, very close to finishing moving. We're taking over a couple more loads today, then I'll just have a bunch of assorted stuff and some clothes left. Nghh... I have so much stuff. I need to stop being such a pack rat.
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