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I told electricgriffon that I would post about this, so here we go!


I was up late one night during the summer doing this or that. In our house during the summer, we always open the windows once it cools off outside to cool off the house. When the last person goes to bed, they close and lock all the downstairs windows for safety purposes. So I get up and go around to all the windows to close them, but my dad has done that already. I'm not sure why. but I appreciate it. Still, I know there has to be an open window someplace, because I can hear the crickets outside really clearly. I double-check all the windows and think that it I could just be hearing the sounds of crickets coming in from the upstairs windows. I slowly ascend the stairs and the cricket sounds become louder and louder, so I conclude that yes, the cricket sounds are coming in from the upstairs windows. And that gets me thinking... why are the crickets so loud upstairs? Maybe they're hanging on the walls outside! Hahah, naw. Maybe they're really big! Like... Like a cricket man! I laugh to myself, because that's dumb and go about preparing for bed.

After changing, brushing my teeth, and the works, I head to my bed. I had received a package from RightStuf, so the box and the brown craft paper are sitting on my bed. I put the paper on the ground near my desk and the box on top of it. I turn off the light, climb into bed, and my imagination starts to rev up. I can still hear the crickets quite clearly from my window and they are still quite loud. There's no way those could all come from one giant cricket, right? Of course not. A giant cricket wouldn't hurt me, right? No, it wouldn't. What if it was a Cricket Man? Capable of thought and planning. What if I had done something to a member of it's large family? Wait imagination, slow down, think about this logica— When was the last time I killed a cricket? Have I ever killed a cricket? I must have done something to anger the Cricket Man! There is NO Cricket Ma— Oh god I'm going to die!!

I glance out my door and into the hallway and I can just make out a shadowy figure slightly beyond the frame of my door. The figure must have been six and a half or seven feet tall. Crickets have long legs, so it seemed to make sense. I blinked and the figure disappeared. I took a few deep breaths and told myself that Cricket Men did not exist. My eyes strayed to the door and I saw him again. Just my imagination playing tricks on me! I shut my eyes tight and tried to clear my mind and fall asleep. But then...


Oh man, what was that? It was the craft paper from RightStuf settling. Are you sure? What if he's right there? Watching me, thinking of how he's going to kill me? No. Shut up. It was craft paper. You remember putting it there before you got into bed, remember? Yeah... I do remember putting it there. Good. Now go to sleep. Okay, okay, no Cricket Man. Just seeing things and hearing paper settling.

I close my eyes and feel my body finally relax and start to drift when


OH HOLY TEZUKA WHAT WAS THAT? I DUNNO I DUNNO I DUNNO I DUNNO HE'S GOING TO KILL ME I AM SO DEAD HOW DID I GAIN THE WRATH OF A CRICKET MAN? I DON'T KNOW BUT MAYBE WE'LL DIE QUICKLY WILL WE? ARE CRICKET MEN KIND LIKE THAT? I SURE HOPE THEY AR— Oh. Hey. Maybe it was the box that was on top of the paper falling off the paper. You think? I know there was a box there, but it took its sweet time falling off. Hey, it's either that or a Cricket Man. Which do you really want to believe in? .....a falling box. But I'm still not sure, it made an awful lot of sound too... it sounded like someone walking on the paper then knocking the box off. Shut up and listen to me! That was the paper settling which led to the box falling, okay? No Cricket Man. We are trusting that it was a falling box. No Cricket Man. Okay. Box. Not Cricket Man. Box. That's right. Now fall asleep. Yeah, okay.

I still slept with Spotty between me and where the Cricket Man seemed to be. I just didn't want to take any chances.

There's a really neat series named Shibatora. I discovered it this summer after buying a neat Shibatora shirt in Japan (I kept seeing it, and I really liked the art, so I finally gave in). It's drawn by the same person who drew Psychometer Eiji, which is also totally awesome. ...and makes mullets A-OKAY.

From OneManga: "Officer Shibata Taketora works the police box (a small police office). He may have a child-like face on the outside, but he's more serious than anyone in his pursuit of justice! With his goal being to become a detective, Taketora confronts everyday problems that happen within the town! Various incidents within the street make him chase after and apprehend criminals!" (Read Online~

Taketora wants to work with juveniles and be the type of detective that they can trust to be on their side. He's a huge softy and a really sweet guy. There are something like 8 volumes of the manga out. They made it into an 11-episode drama last summer. Taketora doesn't look as young as he does in the manga, but he's still super moe. (Someday, when I finally finish watching the drama, I'll post more about it!)

Anyway, I had this dream that he had multiple personalities, but had no idea. So one part of him was this totally moe sweet guy like he is in the series, but the "main" personality was this cynical guy who hated everyone around him. He both looks up to and despises this kind detective that he's heard so much about. When one of his acquaintances is murdered, he is blamed and he tries to prove that he's not the killer and continuously curses the kind detective for not helping him out, when that's what everyone says this detective does for kids like him. And through his investigation of this case, he slowly comes to realize that the detective is actually him. When it finally completely sinks in, he just collapses from the weight of everything. Mentally, it's too much for him to handle, so he just sort of freezes up and can't figure out how to deal with everything.

And then I woke up. Sorry dream-version Taketora!! I wanted to help you, but I didn't know how. =(

But yeah. Shibatora is a pretty sweet series and totally moe. If you like detective series, you may enjoy it!

So cute~
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