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I guess I'm afraid of ghosts


I can't stand scary things. But it's really not the blood and guts or psycho murderers that really scare me. It's the ghosts. But at the same time, I find them so interesting! I've personally had some strange experiences, but the logical part of my mind comes up with pretty good explanations for them. Still... when I think about it too much, my imagination goes WILD.

So last night I was watching PBS and a show called "Ghosts of the Underground" (Watchable here). It's about people who work on the London Underground and have seen or experienced strange things. I would write it all off except this is a documentary on PBS and the people interviewed were long-time employees of the Underground. Some of the things they said wouldn't have been so creepy except they talked about different people experiencing the same things and uuunnnnnhhhhhh that sort of freaks me out. There was one picture of a man being electrocuted that was captured in a photo a woman took in the 70s or something, and it totally looks like a photoshop. Except it was the 70s and experts say with the type of camera used to take the photo, there's no way it could be modified. So then they said it was a poster being reflected. Except the picture fits perfectly over a picture of a wax figure of this guy who was electrocuted for killing the Lindenburg child without flipping it. Plus, the was museum says that they have no records of ever using him on a poster. I find that creepy. Pretty damn creepy. But it really, really, really bugs me how much of a photoshop it looks like, even though it can't be a photoshop. I honestly sat in bed thinking about it and it scared me a lot. Pretty dumb, eh?

After the program, I was feeling really rattled, so kiraqueen helped me out by sending my very cute threads from /an/. That helped a lot.... until I had to turn off the lights and go upstairs. Suddenly, all my fear came back, and I was very, very shaky getting to me room. I was so scared when I got into bed, I put my biggest, strongest stuffed animal, Spotty the snow leopard, next to me. He's a good protector. Every time a car would drive by, I would look at it to make sure it was really there. And every time it was, and I felt a little better knowing that a living person was probably driving it. REALLY DUMB, I KNOW. But I was just so scared. More scared than I was with the Cricket Man.

Now Spotty is downstairs with me, watching over me as I work, because I'm still scared and he makes me feel safer. =)

In other news, the birds seem to be nesting in the chimney again. They sound like little monkeys in there!
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