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Bónen no Xamdou (Xam'd: Lost Memories) Episode 21

La la la it's Xamdou tiiiimmme~

Just six little pictures and blathering.

This time, Kakisu is actually going to throw me over that wall... =(

Kakisu acts pretty weird (well, different than usual) all episode. I sort of like it... it feels like a window into who he is really, or at least used to be. Oh, I don't know, but it sure was interesting.

Well, he's not into shota, I guess.

BAM those words go straight to his heart... a little too straight though... I think he may be on a path of self-destruction now. And by the looks of the next episode.... =\

So OH MAN DO I LOVE THE PARENTS IN THIS SERIES. (and the General too... I don't think he's a parent?) Operation Give Midori Back You Freaking Assholes was unsuccessful, but damn was it an awesome try.

Kyaaaa~♥ I hope there are more scenes like this!!

Tags: fangirling, screencap recap, xamdou
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