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I'M SO HAPPY (not really though)

Day 6:
-Only four more pages left on the work due 12/29! (But 146 left due by 1/5. lol~)

-The inverter worked like a charm so I got to do work on the drive down south.

-I finished watching Ayakashi Ayashi. Really freaking awesome. I had a blast watching it. I'll be spamming all your flists later with all the screencaps I took. =D

Sooooo tired now~ T^T

Jump Ultimate Stars is SO DAMN AWESOME. I just unlocked Nube's world. Hells yeah. I unlocked the Space Adventure Cobra world. As Nur says, that series is: "man as I understand it, that guy was like Golgo in space. Just fucking and killing." LMAO PROBABLY.
Tags: anime, life, memeage
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