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It's a HAPPPYYYY DAAAAYYY + Phantomness

Day 3
-I got to hang out with tsurara_mai, heavenly_spin, Tet-chan, Vincent, and Yoshi tonight! We all went out for pizza. I hadn't seen Vince or Yoshi in over five years and Tet-chan in nearly four. I stayed longer than I had wanted to(work calls, etc), but I'm really glad I did. It was great fun. =)

-Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi has a new opening (I'm on ep 13 now), and it's AWESOME. Oh god, if the new opening says anything about what's ahead, this series is going to be so freaking incredible. This show never fails to make me laugh, and it's great as to use as a work-reward.

Spoilers follow~

So like I mentioned last night, Nur and I went to see The Phantom of the Opera in San Francisco. It was really, really cool. My parents got me tickets as my X-mas present and gave them to me at Thanksgiving. I really loved everything about the performance, and I even liked this Raul's voice better than the one in the original cast. A couple notes about the story and such:

-There was a male ballerina. We didn't like calling him a male ballerina, so we now refer to him as "The Ballerino." I swear, when he asked what type of character he was playing, they just said, "FABULOUS." And fabulous he was. Very, VERY, fabulous.

-The sets were fantastic. I loved the special effects too... I mean, the whole thing with just angling the ramp slowly each way as they walked on it to show going down and down and down was so clever and worked so well! The Phantom on the centerpiece was neat too.


-The Phantom is a pretty messed up guy, but Christine is sort of a bitch to him. She was all, "HEY HEY HEY HEY OH LOOK I GOT YOUR MASK" and then he REALLY started getting weird to her. I mean, he has a mask on for a reason, don't just go ripping it off and getting all freaked out afterwards. Not cool, girl.

-Also, good job just leaving him to rot. Sure, he was getting really creepy, but he did help you out with the whole career thing. But no, she was all, "Raul OMG HEY YOU GOT MY SCARF WHEN I WAS 14. I LUUUUVVVVV YOU." And Phantom's all, "B-but I helped your career..." and Christine is all, "Scarf.....career... scarf....career... scarf.... Yeah, scarf."

-Phantom has an STD. No, seriously. Listen to "Down Once More" closely. He talks about it.

-Phantom figures out he's gay at the end. Christine starts sucking face and he's all, "DUDE WTF WAS THAT SHIT GET AWAY." I think he and The Ballerino run off together at the end. And Phantom spreads his STD. ={

-But yeah, it was totally awesome.

LAST CALL FOR HOLIDAY CARDS!! I'm going to try my best to send them out on Monday!
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