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Ah, Thanksgiving

Unfortunately, I seem to have passed the plague my illness to both my mother and father, so now they're suffering with it. Sorry parental units! I'm slowing recovering, most of my symptoms are gone and I am left with little more than a runny nose, half a voice, and the whooping cough. Okay, so it's not the whooping cough exactly (at least I sure hope it's not), but I get these bouts where I just can't stop coughing and have a lot of trouble breathing (because I stop coughing). It's something that happens every year though, so I guess it was about time. It only happens about once a day too, so not too bad. But yes. Parents sick = not so cool, but me getting better = super awesome cool.

I got blood taken yesterday for a blood test. I was really nervous because I don't like people taking my blood. I'm perfectly fine with bleeding, it's just when people take it out of you it's different from it coming out on its own. I had a semi-traumatic experience when I last got blood taken (about a million years ago) where they told me to look at a Pee-Wee Herman doll as they took the blood. I'm not too sure what it is about that guy, but he scares the crap out of me. So now I associate getting blood taken with him. Actually, I don't really remember the blood part of that experience at all, just him. So anyway, I was really nervous going in, but as they prepped my arm, I put on my iPod and looked away. It took 34 seconds (that's how far I was into the song), and it was all over. I barely felt anything. Coming out, I felt like sort of a wuss. My arm hurt pretty badly afterwards though... I don't know if it was my arm catching up with the small injury or the cotton and tape over it just irritating my arm, but that feeling was gone after a few hours. I'm so amazed it was so easy to get blood taken!

My sister came home last night and immediately started her princess act. As soon as the clock chimed nine, she demanded I change the the channel to something she wanted to watch. I refused because it was Wednesday and Nur was over and that meant Mythbusters time. She whined, my mom told me to change it for her, but ignoring them actually worked for once and we ended up watching Mythbusters. Hah. My sister gave me grief about it for a while though, saying how she gets to watch what she wants because it's HER VACATION. Nevermind the fact that she watches TV all the time and it wouldn't be any sort of special treat to let her watch this show. Actually, it turned out that her show wouldn't have been on anyway because they were playing a movie. Double Hah. I don't mind my sister and she can be pretty cool, but she gets so whiny and has such a entitlement mentality, it really bugs me. I'm pretty whiny myself though, so I shouldn't get too angry about that.

I think I ought to get to work now. Thanksgiving has been (for the last three years at least) Keaton day, because I watch Master Keaton as I do my part of the cooking. It makes cooking fun for me. =D

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Personally, I'm thankful to know all of you, you're awesome and fill my days with fun and excitement! ♥
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