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Movies and stuff.

Life has been busy. Life always seems to be busy, though.

Work is kind of kicking my ass right now, but life is still alright. I've found it really calming to watch movies as I work. My parents rented The Lost Kingdom and Get Smart this weekend, and they were both alright. Get Smart had some pretty funny moments in it, and Lost Kingdom had Jackie Chan. I would have been disappointed if I had seen them in theaters, but renting them was a-okay.

...I think my sister took our Beauty and the Beast tape to Davis with her. This makes me sad, I wanted to watch it today.

I watched the 12th Detective Conan movie on Friday night with Nur. It was pretty good, I thought it was lots better than the last one. Plus, I love classical music, so that was a big plus. Best part though?

Ceiling Conan.
Tags: detective conan, movies, viz, work
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