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Tablet Advice?

Hi guys-

My tablet is on it's last legs, the wiring is worn and I had to tape the connective wire in place a few months ago, but now even that is not keeping it going the entire time. The power input keeps flickering and I had to retape the wire in place several times before it would give me solid power.

So, after a good six years of heavy use on my Wacom Graphire 2, I need a new tablet. I don't know anything about tablets aside from my the fact I really liked my Graphire and I only need a small one (my 4x5" is just about the right side for me). Does anyone have any advice on what model to get now?

I'd like to order one soon, because with a number of quick deadlines coming up, I can't afford to be stuck without a working tablet for a few days.

Thanks for the assistance!
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