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Happy (late) Birthday Graham beloved toggy!!

Sorry, I wanted to post that last night, but the internet was out until late this morning. X_X

Nur and I went to SF today and had a nice time. I was on a quest to get parts for my Halloween costume, but I wasn't able to get the big part of it. Oh well, I'll just one that I have. It's a dark blue instead of black, but I'm just going to let that slid for now. I was able to get the hat I needed... the super weeaboo hat. I was really embarrassed carrying it around J-Town... I felt really really wapanese. I SWEAR IT'S FOR A COSTUME. T^T

I picked up some manga as well (of course). They didn't have any Mago (still, alas, I haven't seen it in stores stateside AT ALL), but I got caught up on a couple series, including Tegami Bachi 5. God, I love this series so much.

It's pretty obvious I haven't done much physical exercise though, I'm totally wiped out from just four or so miles walking. Ugh.
Tags: cosplay, manga, tegami bachi
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