Lord Ace of the Fictional Lands (ensuing) wrote,
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Cosplay shouldn't make me feel depressed.

Ugh, having major costume issues and doubts. I've run into snag after snag for my planned costume for Halloween. I'd love to get it done and wear it for Halloween, but I just don't know how it's going to work out. I can't wrap my head around parts of it. And when I do figure out one part, the next one makes me stumble. Ugh. Nur is going to try to help me with it tomorrow, so hopefully we can figure it out. Remind me never to cosplay anybody with fancy knee-high boots again.

I'm working on another costume, something pretty easy, just in case. If anything, it gives me something I can be productive in when the main costume and work are getting me down. It has a lot of weapons, and I like weapons.
Tags: cosplay
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